Tracking and
A/B Testing

Tracking key SEM metrics is essential for deriving actionable insights, future strategies and budget predictions to maximise your return on investment. 

We measure SEM performance and results to build an efficient, scalable campaign

How to determine the success of your PPC campaign?

Getting to the source of a successful paid search strategy is the key towards scaling your campaign. Yet, you cannot run a successful strategy without making changes along the way. To do so, we do performance tracking on key SEM metrics via Google Analytics. 

In every SEM campaign, we closely monitor key metrics such as Conversion Rate, Ad Quality Score, and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) — so we can make informed decisions on budget predictions and future strategies. We implement conversion tracking by setting up Google Ads conversions, Google Analytics goal setting,  UTM tagging, or any combination of these in a customised way unique for each campaign’s needs.

Being data driven marketers, we filter through the noise and identify qualified incremental opportunities e.g. keywords expansion. We conduct ongoing a/b testing and changes to your campaign to identify a winning formula that is efficient and scalable. 

For us, our goal is to lower your cost per acquisition, make your PPC campaign profitable, and scale the account while maintaining the efficiency gained. We get to the bottom of which keywords, ad copy, and targeting settings make the biggest difference to your bottom line. Leave all the nitty gritty details and technical implementation to us. 

For you as a business owner or organisation leader, your goal is to evaluate the bottom line. How much does it cost to drive a lead? Does the cost makes sense? Can this drives business value for you? This data will inform you how successful your PPC campaign is. 

User friendly, real time reporting that drives faster, better decisions

If you are not a technical savvy person, we get how confusing and time consuming it can be, to make sense of the various technical metrics in Google Analytics. 

We want to empower business owners and organisation leaders to make informed, effective marketing decisions. When you work with us, you get a easy to understand and visually compelling SEM Report that not only give you valuable strategic insights in real time, and also frees up your time from analysing the data.

Our SEM Report presents only the most important data and insights that makes the biggest impact to your campaign goal. You get a clear picture on how our work is helping to achieve your paid search goals.