Make Your Brand Globally Recognised With International SEO

Stop missing out on potential opportunities in overseas market. Elevate your business to the top of Google across multiple countries, see your organic traffic surge, and magnify your brand’s global presence.


Dominate Search Rankings

Be the preferred choice, whether it's a specific region or the entire globe, leading in visibility and authority.


Amplify Global Reach

Transform your brand's potential by tapping into untapped markets, driving international revenue.


Multilingual SEO

Translate your site into multiple languages to rank better for local searches in different countries.

Our Global Success Stories

From Local Niches To A Global Stage, We Amplify Your Brand Voice

CASE STUDY: Banobagi plastic surgery

Witness how we strategically bolstered their online presence to secure a Rank #1 in five distinct countries. The result? A twofold increase in their web traffic and leads. Explore our approach and the transformative impact of our strategies.


Increase In Organic Traffic


Return In SEO Investment



Deep Dive Into Global SEO

What Exactly Is International SEO

At its core, International SEO is about tailoring your website and SEO strategy to resonate with multiple audiences worldwide. It ensures search engines index you for the countries you’re targeting and the languages you’re using for your business.

Think of it as the next level in the SEO game. While standard SEO focuses on your local city, state, or country, International SEO is about casting a wider net – making your mark in various countries and languages.

In International SEO, keywords aren’t just words; they’re bridges to diverse markets. By digging deep into regional search habits, we identify terms that resonate with each unique audience, ensuring your message hits the mark.
A multilingual site isn’t just about translation but transformation. Using hreflangs, we ensure Google effortlessly directs visitors to content tailored for their language and region. It’s not just about speaking the language, but speaking it right.
Every mention counts, especially when you’re targeting global audiences. We curate high-quality citations that boost your credibility across borders, building a reputation that’s as international as your ambitions.
Local language optimization isn’t a mere translation task; it’s an art. We dive deep into linguistic nuances, ensuring your content resonates authentically, whether it’s in French, Spanish, Mandarin, or beyond.

Quality content is universal, but its interpretation isn’t. We craft content that’s original and resonates with local tastes, backed by insights from tools like Google Trends. In short, it’s about merging global standards with local flavors.

A strong backlink profile speaks volumes, more so when it’s from diverse regions. We scout for quality backlinks that not only boost your site’s authority but also its international resonance.

The Potential Of International SEO

Boost Your Global Footprint With A Global SEO Strategy

If you’re on this page, chances are, you’ve already tasted success with local SEO. Most businesses that venture here are often dominating their local search game.

Hence if you aren’t the reigning champion of search engines in your home country, we usually suggest that’s the first mountain to conquer—unless, of course, you’re feeling adventurous and have the resources to match that global ambition.

Now, imagine the implications of International SEO. Consider your current leadership in local search. If this prime position gifts you thousands of visitors each month, ponder on the power of scaling that globally. Ask yourself: What portion of your business exposure comes directly from Google?

It’s a straightforward equation. Grasp the magnitude of your organic traffic at home, understand its impact, and then visualize this on a worldwide scale. The possibilities? They’re endless.

Venturing into a new market? Think of International SEO as your golden key, the ultimate door opener. When you venture into new territory, you’re virtually unknown—a small fish in a vast pond. But with a potent localized website, translated adeptly, and showcased on Google’s top tier, you become a beacon.

Even as you sleep, a well-optimized website in the local language stands as your representative, ensuring locals find and engage with your brand effortlessly. In conclusion, it’s about being present everywhere, every time.

International SEO isn’t just about visibility; it’s about credibility. As you penetrate new markets, a robust SEO strategy solidifies your brand’s presence.

From a local leader to a global trailblazer, it’s a blueprint for scaling, constructing an infrastructural behemoth that knows no borders.

Unlock The NightOwl Difference

A Long Term SEO Partnership Rooted In Trust & Relationship

From our consistent engagements in international SEO, we’ve observed a pattern. Beyond results, what truly resonates with clients is reliability, consistency, and strong communication.

Having been in the business for 9 years, we take immense pride in our reputation. A reputation built on excellent client servicing and unwavering communication skills.

Here’s how we endeavor to be your best partner:

Your accessibility to us is paramount. Importantly, every client is equipped with a dedicated communication channel. Whether it’s through Discord, Line, Kakaotalk, WhatsApp, or Telegram, you won’t find yourself lost in a sea of emails. Reach out, and we’re there.

Your Account Manager is more than just a point of contact. Each of our AMs is a technically trained SEO expert. While you’ll get acquainted with the entire team behind your project, the AM is your primary anchor, ensuring everything runs smoothly, providing strategic insights, and always being available for your queries.

The dynamic nature of SEO, marked by frequent algorithm updates and other factors, demands vigilance. With proactive quarterly reviews, we stay ahead, recalibrate, and ensure we’re in sync with your objectives.

Let’s face it, nobody likes a bad weather. While we’d love to guarantee only sunny days, we’re realistic. Not all plans pan out perfectly.

But here’s our promise: we’ll never hide behind jargon or avoid tough conversations. If challenges emerge, we stand beside you, communicating transparently, seeking solutions, and navigating the storm together.

This unwavering commitment to partnership is our way of ensuring our relationship always thrive.

Stay in the loop, always. Why wait for periodic email updates when you can have real-time insights? Our live dashboards offer immediate information on your SEO performance.

In conclusion, our commitment to understanding and catering to our clients’ needs has always driven us. We continuously seek better ways to serve and collaborate.

Our clients’ success is our success. Importantly, it’s this philosophy that has fueled our growth and resilience over the past 9 years, and why even our first customer 9 years ago is still with us.

How Do We Work

How Do Our Customers Engage & Work With Us On International SEO


1. Hop On A Discovery Call

Let's get to know each other. Share with us a little about your project requirements.


2. Strategy & Proposal

We kick off with a non-obligatory session by proposing our strategy.


3. Contractual Agreement

If you like what we propose and will like to proceed, we are officially a match!


4. Onboarding Call

We walked through campaign logistics and introduce your personal account manager.


5. Campaign Production

Our Experts dive in! We strategize and spring into action on the gaps identified.


6. Keep In Communication

First month review; Every quarter, we sync up to ensure we're on track and connected.


7. Track & Measure Results

Watch your progress in real-time. Our live dashboard shows rankings and leads.

Nightowl International SEO Toolkit

What's Included When We Handle Your Global SEO

Given the complexities associated with global SEO, we customize our approach based on your website’s specific needs, ensuring alignment with your marketing objectives.

Do note that the list provided below is not exhaustive. It’s meant to give you an idea of what’s typically needed and included. However, we’re always ready to rework and tailor-make the right strategy to achieve your vision.

Firstly, by using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Semrush, we are able analyze keyword search volumes, trends, and competition to determine the best targets for your business.

Based on research, our audit identifies gaps and opportunities in each target country.

Dependent on whether localised languages already exists on your website. This is crucial when your targeted keywords are in a different language.

This tag ensures search engines know which language you’re using on a specific page, so the correct regional content is served to users.

Site infrastructure is essential for effective indexing. For example, having properly named URLs. We make your site friendly for each country you target.

We secure quality backlinks from sites with high domain authority and robust web traffic, your website stands out as credible in Google’s eyes. Furthermore, the sites we link to are related to your niche. This relevance doesn’t just add a link—it amplifies your authority.

Additionally, we pursue localized links specific to each target country, ensuring that your brand’s authority is firmly established in each region you aim for.

Content is an important factor for SEO. For instance, if humans breathe oxygen, search engines breathe content. It builds authority that search engines value, which improves your ranking.

In addition, we also implement Google Snippets to further enhance your visibility.

Lastly, these tools help us monitor your site’s performance, gather insights, and adjust strategies based on how you’re ranking and being viewed in each region.

Have Any Questions?

Drop a message or WhatsApp us.

Connect with one of our SEO experts to work out a SEO strategy for your business. 

  • Tell us about your project
  • We do a quick SEO audit of your project
  • We evaluate SEO impact and returns
  • You get a non-obligated estimated cost
Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions On International SEO Answered

International SEO is the process of growing your website’s organic presence in global markets. It enables businesses to tap into audiences in specific countries, enhancing reach and brand awareness.

In short, when we talk about International SEO, we are essentially orchestrating multiple custom-tailored SEO campaigns, each perfectly tuned for a specific country. Each campaign considers the unique set of competitors and search habits in that region. A strategy that excels in one country might not be as effective in another.

Thus, International SEO is more intricate than a local SEO campaign as it’s like managing multiple country-specific SEO efforts simultaneously.

Both International and Local SEO share core components like content optimization and quality backlinking. However, there are key distinctions:

Keyword Focus:

First, local SEO often includes location-specific keywords (e.g., “SEO Singapore”), while International SEO targets multiple countries with tailored keyword strategies.

Google Business Maps:

Next, local SEO places importance on optimizing for Google Maps, especially for businesses targeting local audiences.

Technical Complexity:

Lastly, International SEO requires higher technical optimization, accounting for localized languages, implementation of hreflang tags, and ensuring content fits with regional search behaviors.

In conclusion, see International SEO as scaling multiple countries’ Local SEO efforts.

Every client and country is unique. Each nation presents its own set of competitors, vendor partnerships, SEO strategies, and user search behaviors. We take a holistic approach:


Firstly, we dive deep into local search behaviors and competition.

Phased Approach:

Second, we design campaigns in stages – detection, ranking, solidifying top status, and then scaling across keyword clusters and countries.

Country-Specific Strategy:

Third, the competition varies across countries. For example, the SEO landscape in Indonesia might differ vastly from the U.S. or Singapore.

While the process sounds intricate, clients can relax and specify their target markets; we manage the heavy lifting. And for those curious about the mechanisms, we’re always open to share.

Achieving international SEO brings substantial results. Here’s the reality: The digital world witnesses an overwhelming 90% of products and services being discovered through search engines. Similarly, delve a bit deeper, and you’ll find that the top 3 positions on Google’s search results claim a staggering 25% of the click-through rate. These statistics aren’t just impressive. In fact, they hold the potential to transform a business.

The Challenge & How We Be A Strategic Partner

But let’s also acknowledge a challenge here. This vast potential is no hidden secret, and many companies are vying for those coveted top positions. That is to say, the digital realm is awash with businesses trying to leverage this advantage, so how do you stand out? As such, this is precisely where we step in, donning the role of your strategic partner.

SEO Like A Battlefield Game

For example, consider SEO as a battlefield where each country presents a new territory to conquer. The secret lies not just in showing up but understanding where to engage, how to strategize, and when to strike. By utilizing advanced SEO tools, which for the sake of analogy, can be seen as “spy tools”, we can evaluate the competitive landscape of each territory. This intelligence lets us identify keywords and segments that aren’t yet dominated by your competitors. In short, our strategy then hinges on the age-old wisdom of “divide and conquer.”

Just as any war requires resources, so does an SEO campaign. Think of your budget as ammunition. Each battlefield or market demands a certain amount of resources.

Above all, depending on your business vision and budgetary constraints, we will guide you on the required “ammunition” and strategically deploy it for optimal results.

If you had not done so, you should definitely check out some of our best case studies on global seo

1. Research Your International SEO Strategy

A massive 70% of businesses operate without a clear SEO strategy, which is akin to navigating without a compass. Detailed research is paramount.

  • Objective Analysis: First, gut feelings aren’t enough. Understand your target countries, allocate resources judiciously, and maximize ROI. Tools like Google Analytics and Ubersuggest can assist in gauging potential search volumes.
  • User Intent: Next, deep-dive into user behavior by conducting manual Google searches, evaluating SERPs for key terms, and observing cultural nuances.
  • Assessing ROI: Last but not least, provide solid evidence that redirecting resources toward international SEO will yield better results in the long run.
2. Choose Your URL Structure

Your content’s origin significantly impacts its international SEO ranking. For instance, a German individual looking for information on Bratwurst would likely prefer a native source over an American one.

  • URL Options: Firstly, depending on your target audience and strategic goals, you can opt for different URL structures. Whether it’s ccTLDs (like .de for Germany), subdomains, subdirectories, or gTLDs with language parameters, each has its pros and cons.
  • Dominance of ccTLDs: Next, many countries lean towards local domain extensions, such as in the UK, even if the website belongs to an international company.
3. Language Target Your Site:

Google prioritizes content presented in a user’s native language. Hence, your site must cater to this preference.

  • Quality Translation: Relying solely on machine translations can be detrimental. Ensure every part of your site is impeccably translated. In addition, utilizing language tags, like hreflang, further enhances user experience.
4. Tailor Your Content:

The average global user spends just 54 seconds on a webpage. Thus, delivering tailored content is essential.

  • User Intent: As with all SEO strategies, aligning with user intent is critical. This becomes even more intricate with international SEO, where direct translations might not capture the nuances of localized searches.
  • Research Tools: Additionally, employ tools like Ubersuggest to understand the search behavior of different countries and tailor your content accordingly.
5. Prioritize Which Countries You Target:

International SEO requires a targeted approach. Instead of casting a wide net, focus on specific countries or regions.

  • Resource Allocation: Evaluate your internal resources, from software developers to cultural experts, and ensure you can cater to the specific needs of your targeted countries.
  • Authority Building: Cement your brand’s authority in key target countries to realize the full potential of your international SEO efforts.

For more information, check out our comprehensive guide to international seo.

Our International SEO packages begin at SGD30,000 annually for two countries.

For more countries, pricing varies.

We design every plan based on individual client needs. Given there are 195 countries, we customize our offerings rather than providing a one-size-fits-all package.

After understanding your goals, we offer a detailed cost breakdown and potential ROI analysis.

Lastly, at NightOwl, we have a no hard-sell policy. We believe in genuine, reliable services. We’ve thrived for nine years as a trusted and reliable seo company in Singapore because of our commitment to quality and long-standing client relationships.

Simply reach out to us, and we’ll guide you transparently, allowing you ample time to make an informed decision with no obligations.

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