We help businesses grow with SEO, Content Marketing and PPC

We are Nightowl.

Over 40% of revenue is captured through organic search traffic. Social only accounts for merely 10% of web traffic, and paid search just 10%. Organic search is arguably the most valuable marketing channel there is.

If your website isn’t visible in the search results for the keywords you want to be found for, you can be sure that one of your competitors is! We can help.

We get that it is not easy

We get the dilemmas our Clients face. The technical complexity of digital can often be overwhelming, that impedes business growth.

We are all in it together

You know some things, we know some too. Together we know a wealth of things. Best work happens when we don't think of ourselves as Client and Agency, but as one team.

Life it short, enjoy it

Life it short, filled up with ups and downs. smile a little more, come alive, bring some fun in what we are dealing daily and make something exciting out of it.

Since 2013, we have been working with ambitious brands, big and small.

We have the privilege of working with forward-thinking companies committed to transform their business digitally. We double up as consultants and an extension to their in-house teams.

We have been working with the APAC marketing communications team, in providing dedicated IT and digital resources.

A partnership where we work closely with the Singapore Productivity Centre to fund and SMEs in transforming their businesses digitally.

We partnered with the Singapore Institute of Retail Studies, to run local digital marketing training programmes for SME owners,

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working with Schulke to transform their SEO to attain a top 3 ranking for hand sanitizers in Singapore.

We enjoyed partnering up with Banobagi, one of the biggest plastic surgery companies in Korea, in expanding their search presence globally in 7 countries.

We served as an extended digital marketing and IT partner for Shalom movers, in maintaining their #1 position on Google, and supporting their IT matters.

We had the pleasure of working with e2i Singapore, a government organisation, in driving more exposure through SEO for their employability solutions.

We worked with NTU in creating digital outreach for their Executive education programmes through paid advertising launched in a various digital channels.

As one of our earliest SEO Clients, we have partnered with BudgetPC through the years in dominating the search in the industry, to the expansion of their retail outlets. We are the top 3 for PC repair.

Our very first Client since 2013, we helped EZBBQ in strategising their way and SEO to become the #1 BBQ catering company in Singapore. Today we dominate the BBQ niche as an industry leader.

We’ve acted as a key digital partner for Edufront, getting the SEO top spot for tuition center, as well as generating leads through an optimised website and various landing pages.

From overseas adventures to local team-building, and now virtual team-building due to COVID-19, we had the pleasure of working with Happy Sparrow in evolving their search strategies in driving business across the years.

We’ve been a partner for Selfstrology for years, in helping them in both digital marketing, WordPress CMS development and IT tech support.

A Penang retail brand that sells Thermal Flasks to water bottles, we have worked with them in putting them as the #1 in thermal flasks in Google Malaysia.

We enjoyed working with Regrow Herbal Hair Treatment, in transforming traditional marketing means, to consistently driving new customers via digital.

We’ve been providing marketing and tech support to Thye Shan Medical Hall, in dealing with their challenges in digital transformation.

The people at the
heart of what we do

We are a boutique agency, and when we say “boutique”, we don’t mean small. What we mean is, we are focus in what we do best, and that is to get Clients to the very top of Google, to cause a business breakthrough.
Our core team is based in Singapore, and we are proud to have Clients coming to us from around the world. With a growing shift towards remote work, it has opened up opportunities to interact with Clients, and engaged talents across borders.
Thanks to a streamlined process, remote collaboration with Clients has never been more easier and efficient as it is today, and it provides a global perspective on the work we deliver.

The team behind the campaigns

Jayden Ooi, Managing Director

working from Singapore

Mohd. Latiff, Director

working from Singapore

Kevin Tan, Head Of Accounts

working from Singapore

Brandon Mong, Infrastructure & Campaign Manager

working from Malaysia

Carlson Thoo, Campaign Manager

working from Malaysia

Nicholas Yap, Campaign Manager

working from Singapore

Summer Ooi, Marketing Manager

working from Singapore

Agung Putra, IT Specialist

working from Indonesia


Ram Dharmaraj BBM, Chairman & Business Advisor

Our goal is to create extraordinary digital results for our clients

When we begun our agency in 2013, the industry was faced with service providers with poor support. We wanted to do better, and became a company that gets its customers, and constantly strive to help them become the best in their industry.