Off-Page SEO & External Backlinking

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Off-Page SEO grows your site's online credibility to propel you up Google.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

While on-site SEO optimisation ensures that Google ranks you in the search engine, it doesn’t necessary mean Google ranks you very high. The difference between your website ranking on page 10 of Google and another website ranking on page 1 of Google, simply means that there are 9 pages of websites (each page has 10 websites) that Google finds more ‘credible’ than your website.

Off-site SEO hence is a process to grow your website ‘credibility’, better known in technical terms as Domain Authority. The higher your domain authority, the higher you rank up in the search engine.

What Is Web Credibility aka Domain Authority?

Every website has an authority score, which you can easily check on or (Note that different tools might give a slightly different number, as they have different methodologies of counting the score). This score is not based on how popular or credible your business is. It is based on how other websites interact with your website.

To understand the theory, imagine your website as a real person. If 3 trustworthy online friends (an educational website, a news outlet, a bank) talks about you (meaning they hyperlink to your site), you are seen as a credible person online. But if the 3 online friends are websites with spam and fraud, mixing with them will make your website not trustworthy in Google terms.

Therefore, Google trace every single link found on the Internet, and paints a big iceberg of links under every website. The more trustworthy sites hyperlinking to your website, the stronger your credibility, the higher you climb. This process is known as off-site backlinking.

What are backlinks in SEO? Also known as external link building, it is where vendors build a network of credible links to point back to your website.

So Can I Buy Links From Fiverr?
Why Is There A Huge Range Of Prices?

Every link from a different platform has a different naming convention to it. For instance, a link coming from social media is known as a Social Signal, while a link coming from a business directory is known as a Local Listing. Every Google algorithm change from Panda, to Penguin and more, changes the weightage of how Google distributes credibility to a website based on the types of links. A .edu link is akin to a Lionel Messi in a soccer team, 10,000 times more powerful than anything you purchase from Fiverr.

Therefore every agency and vendor has their own secret formula in combining different types of link types to different degrees, to push a website up a search engine.

What Sort Of Backlinking Do You Do?

A major portion of SEO is focused on external link building, which needs to be executed the right way, to be in line with Google guidelines. Your SEO campaign will consist of a carefully planned and diversified execution of the following types of links:

  • Local Business Listings
  • High Authority (DA20+, 30+, 40+) Guest Posts
  • Diversified Link Building
  • Press Releases
  • Social Signals
  • Content Marketing
  • Immunisation Against Negative SEO

These links are build monthly to ensure that is monthly consistency (to avoid been hit by Penguin Algorithm). Treat Google like a princess, where you need to consistently shower her with love for months in order to win her favour. Do it inconsistently and she will send “Google Penguin” to hit on your site.

In additional, Google today values quality link over quantity. A backlink with a Domain Authority Score of 50+ is 1000 times better than 100,000 fiverr backlinks with a score of DA10+. It is like 1 fighter jet versus 100,000 soldiers. The fighter jet will wipe them out instantaneously. Therefore you don’t need 100,000 of links. You just need strong quality links build consistently over time with regular article writing, to rank high.

At NightOwl SEO, we take care of everything for you, including spying on your competitors’ backlink efforts to beat them to their game, so you need not worry about any of the above.