Fully Managed
SEM / PPC Campaign

Your customers are searching on Google. To rank organically, it requires time and effort to beat the competition. If time is not in your favour, SEM can help drive immediate leads. The challenge people face is, even if you pay to get listed, customers are visiting your page, but not enquiring or buying.

We can help.


Advanced SEM Strategy

Get a customised plan to grow your paid traffic and drive maximum ROI for your business.


Dedicated Campaign Expert

Work with one of our personal SEM campaign strategists who is committed to making you succeed in your marketing.


Conversion Driven Landing Pages

Create a digital sales funnel that consistently turns web visitors into leads and sales effectively.

Introducing Nightowl Fully Managed SEM Service

We don’t just buy ads for you. We optimise campaigns to drive enquiries and sales. We use an advanced digital marketing technique called conversion rate optimisation. CRO is a strategic process of enhancing your landing page and conducting A/B testing to increase enquiries or sales. And when we find that sweet spot, we scale up your success.

*Non-obligatory. Ask questions and get an estimated price.

Advanced SEM Strategy

Drive higher traffic and maximise web conversions

Scale up your sales and enquiries fast within a short burst of time by putting yourself right on the top of Google. When you pay the right price for ads, you go directly to the top of search results, opening a floodgate of traffic.

We want to know what keywords your customers are searching for and identify its search intent. This is crucial because every click costs. If you target informational keywords that don’t convert, this wasted budget could have been spent on potential commercial or transactional keywords that could 1x, 3x, or 5x your investment.

We make sure your ads stand out when users search to generate higher clickthroughs. The higher your ad quality score is, the lower the cost per click is, getting you more bang for buck. This creates a cascading effect for better conversions, on top of Google’s advanced optimisation AI

We look into what your competitors are doing, how much they are spending, and which ads or keywords are performing well. We reverse engineer what works and doesn’t work, and create a winning strategy for your campaign.

We monitor your campaign periodically and conduct ongoing changes to determine which path to conversion works best for your audience. We trim the low performers, optimise performing ads, and conduct a/b testing to identify qualified incremental opportunities

Our goal is identify a winning formula that makes your campaign efficient and scalable.

Data is meaningless if you don’t know how to derive actionable insights. As data driven marketers, we use data to make informed decisions on which keywords, ad copy and targeting settings make the biggest difference to your bottom line.

We provide easy to understand, real-time custom report to help you make sense of your campaign data. You get clarity on how much it costs to get an enquiry or sale, and what business value SEM drives for your business or organisation.


An SEM veteran will be assigned to take care of all your campaign needs

Every member of our team, including sales and marketing personnel, are trained in and familiar with SEM.

When you work with us, an SEM veteran will be assigned to be your concierge for all matters pertaining to your campaign. He will closely work with you in understanding your business objectives, crafting a custom SEM strategy, and coordinating with our team to execute and achieve the results you want.

Free SEM Strategy Session

Get expert advice over a 30 mins Zoom call

Unsure if this works for you? Comparing between quotes? Get an additional opinion or advice from us. In our 30 minute strategy session, we will walk you through the following:

  • How SEM works for your business.
  • What channels / platforms you should invest in.
  • What kind of pricing and ROI our agency can achieve.

Real Results. Real Presence

We believe in results. Learn how we use SEM to drive digital performance for our clients. 

Whether you are a local service business or an eCommerce retailer, looking to scale your web traffic locally or internationally, we tailor-make a strategy that deliver your business goals.


Learn how we helped our customers grow their businesses

And that was > 5years back. My webpage had gone from page 10 to page 1 after engaging their services just within a year!

Till date, I have already treat NightOwl SEO team as a part of my business too. We do have frequent meetups till date to discuss about strategies to how we want to propel my website and business to the next level.

With NightOwl SEO and their dedicated staffs, I know I can count on them! Keep up the Great work guys!

Jack Chen – Director

Happy Sparrow Pte. Ltd.

We have meetings every quarterly and the team updated me on the progress and also allow me to ask question and seek clarifications.

I began to see slight positive result from the 2nd quarter onwards and by the 3rd quarter a few keywords started to inch towards google page one and I begin to taste online sales via my website.

People start calling me and my I see progress in enquiries. I truly appreciate the hard work Nightowl’s team have put in. Nightowl’s team conducted themselves professionally and responsibly.

Thomas Thong – Director

Regrow Herbal Hair Pte. Ltd.

They truly care about their clients’ success, and will always find new ways to further improve their own company’s SEO skills and knowledge to better help their clients.

Their way of doing SEO and business will definitely make their clients and themselves succeed for a long long time.

Work with them and you will know.

Jonathan Ong – Director

Family Tutor Pte. Ltd.

Ivan Phay – Founder

Dream Wedding Boutique Pte. Ltd.

They really take time to understand our business and through their regular updates and suggestions, we have been able to massively improve our search leads. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

Paul Lam – Director

Otua Auto Pte. Ltd.

He also answered all questions with great details and suggestion for improvement in reading examples. Highly recommend taking his class and also consulting his service. 


Jackie W

Student in our SEO Class

Getting Started

How It Works

We believe in results. Learn how we use SEM to drive digital performance for our clients. Whether you are a local business, an eCommerce retailer, or an international firm looking to scale your web traffic internationally, we can tailor-make a strategy to deliver your business goals.


1. Hop On A Discovery Call

Let's get to know each other. Share with us a little about your project requirements.


2. Strategy & Proposal

Ask burning questions, and get an estimate budget based on your objectives.


3. Contractual Agreement

We kick off with a non-obligatory session by proposing our solution.


4. Onboarding Call

If you like what we propose and will like to proceed, we are officially a match!


5. Campaign Production

Let's get to know each other. Share with us a little about your project requirements.


6. Keep In Communication

Ask burning questions, and get an estimate budget based on your objectives.


7. Track & Measure Results

We kick off with a non-obligatory session by proposing our solution.

Asked Questions

We’ve been in business long enough to address any questions regarding SEM. Here are the most common ones.

What budget should I allocate to an SEM campaign?

When doing SEM on Google Ads, you can choose to either pay only when people click on your ads, or pay when people view your ads, if it’s on the Google Display Network. Although it’s flexible and you can start with a very minimal budget if you’re doing Google Ads on your own, we recommend to start with at least a $1,000 minimal budget. Based on experience,  this is a good amount to sufficiently gauge if the market responds well to your offers. Any lower amount is likely not to reach out to sufficient pool of audience to make strong conclusive findings.

Why do I hear SEM is an expensive waste of money? Isn’t it expensive to pay for every click to my website? What do you do to ensure I don’t waste my marketing budget in the SEM campaign?

This can be a valid perception for businesses new to SEM and may be budget conscious. It’s also true if the SEM campaign was not setup for optimal business conversions in the first place. Look at it this way – if we find a way to turn every $1 you spend in Google Ads into $3, $5, or $10 in returns on average, does it really matter how much you’re investing in an SEM campaign?

The key is to have proper objective setting and campaign planning at the start of your marketing campaign, and ensuring accurate conversion tracking is set up properly. Google today has advanced AI capabilities to optimise conversions for campaigns, if they are set up well. AI has its limitations, so combining that with our human SEM expertise ensures a winning formula.

To minimise budget wastage, we have processes in place, such as, detecting and blocking fake bot clicks, and frequent refinement of the search terms (for your ads to show up) to filter out irrelevant keywords and target audience.

Do you offer guarantees for SEM campaigns?

We can realistically guarantee to an extent how well the SEM campaign performs but we stop short of guaranteeing actual sales or revenue. While we can reasonably project sales and revenue in an SEM campaign based on your industry conversion rate data provided to us by you, there are many variables and factors outside of our control (e.g. market competition, Google algorithm) that impacts real-time performance. 

We are good at optimising the funnel to give the maximum amount of relevant traffic to your website or landing page, and also optimise the conversion rate of your website to maximise conversions. However, your business’ sales closure rate out of the leads you get is primarily up to you. We are open to working out a guarantee that’s mutually reasonable and beneficial with our clients.

What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

In the simplest of terms, SEM is where you pay Google to put up your business ads instantly in front of your target audience, and you pay every time a potential customer clicks on your ads. SEO is where you pay an SEO agency like us to work on having your website appear on the first page of search results in the natural organic listings – which, once you’re there, you don’t have to pay for every single visitor clicking to your website – effectively making it cheaper than SEM. Usually you get lesser clicks from Ads as compared to clickthroughs from organic listings. Plus, you have to pay for every click on your Ad, whereas every click on your organic listings is free (you only pay the monthly SEO fees, which is a flat rate). Hence SEO is more cost effective in the long term than SEM. SEM affords you the instant gratification of having your business exposed to your potential target audience from Day 1.

Why should I do SEM in addition to SEO?

SEO takes time for business impact to be seen, as it usually takes a couple of months before we see the site ranking on the first page for any keyword that may bring in business value. While the SEO campaign develops, businesses with additional marketing budget can see almost immediate returns if they run an SEM campaign alongside SEO as well. As long as the products or services, and the ads are approved by Google, the ads can go up immediately, get exposure to the relevant target market right from the start, and potentially start seeing enquiries and sales coming in. If the Math is right, the additional SEM component may help generate some returns that would help cover the ongoing SEO cost. Eventually, as the site reaches the first page because of SEO, you can consider reducing your SEM budget.

Have Any Questions?

Book a 30 minutes discovery call or submit a question to us

Connect with one of our experts to work out a strategy for your business. Our 30 minutes strategy session is free, of no obligations and held over Zoom. Get to discover:

  • Tell us about your project
  • We do a quick analysis of your market
  • We evaluate SEM impact and returns
  • You get an non-obligated estimated cost