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Gain unparalleled brand visibility with the only SEO agency in Singapore – maybe Asia – that forges a clear path from obscurity to ubiquity in the search engine results page (SERP).

If you’re already here, you don’t have to be told that search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best digital marketing channels that can almost guarantee a perpetual supply of warm enquiries to your business. In an age of increasing misinformation where the old gatekeepers of knowledge are no longer the pillars of truth they used to be, your potential customers are stumbling in the shadows looking for answers and solutions to their challenges.

No longer satisfied with clicking on only one result to their search query, consumers are savvier now more than ever, and have sophisticated search patterns and multiple questions for their problems. If YOUR brand or business is visible in the search results to address all their concerns, not only will you be rewarded with traffic, but also the trust and credibility you need to convert the enquirer into a potential customer – all automatically by the content on your web page. It is now no longer enough to say you’re the solution to their problem, but to show it, and prove it.

15 Years

SEO Experience in SMEs and MNCs

From One Business To Another - Let’s Talk Numbers

Check all those that apply to you: 

  • You have to justify to management why your digital strategy needs to work in a post-pandemic ‘new normal’. 

  • You’ve been burned by a digital marketing or SEO agency that had promised a lot but delivered very little.

  • You’ve burned tens of thousands of precious marketing budget to rank for useless keywords that don’t deliver any business value – you rank #1 for a keyword searched by cheap or freebie seekers, or you rank for your own brand name, but people hardly know your brand.

  • You’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars with no improvements in rankings – only for the agency to tell you the competition is tough – or you rank for useless low searched keywords that don’t even add a cent to your revenue stream.

  • Or you’ve exhausted the marketing budget on expensive pay-per-click keywords, or Social media marketing activities like Facebook ads, or Tik Tok videos and influencers with no visible way to track ROI (return on investment).

What is SEO?

SEO is short form for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a long-term digital marketing strategy employed in order to improve websites visibility and organic search results in Google search and other global search engines.

Do I need to work with an SEO agency?


When you work with an experienced SEO agency, it can be an extremely effective marketing solution to grow your business by attracting more qualified leads to your website.

SEO is a complex process that involves optimizing your website content, structure, and on-page elements like titles, metatags, and anchor text, as well as developing off-page SEO tactics like link building and social media marketing.

You don’t need to worry about all those technical terms because we will help you to come up with a well developed SEO strategy with our in house SEO team to achieve successful marketing campaigns.

Types of SEO services


There are many different types of SEO services that SEO agencies offer to help boost businesses in their search engines rankings. Some of the most common and effective SEO services offered in SEO agency Singapore includes SEO strategies such as ON page SEO, OFF page SEO, and Technical SEO.

ON page SEO services


On page SEO is the process of optimizing individual web pages and content in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

Why is ON page SEO so important?


ON page SEO is important for business because it helps improve the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is a process of optimizing a website so that it can rank higher in the search engine results for certain keywords or phrases. ON page SEO includes optimizing the title and meta tags, as well as the content on the page itself.

Additionally, ON page SEO can help to improve click from the SERPs to a website. This is because a well-optimized website or a catchy title will be more eye-catching and relevant to the user’s search query, and therefore more likely to be clicked on. Improving the amount of clicks can result in more organic web traffic and leads for a business.

How to apply ON page SEO in digital marketing?


On-page optimization includes a variety of factors, such as:

  • Keyword research and using relevant keywords

    The right SEO agency will tell you that high-quality, keyword-rich content is essential for search engine optimization. Not only does it help search engines understand what your page is about, but it also provides your target audience with the information they need to make a decision about whether or not to visit your site.

  • Optimizing page titles

    Your title is one of the first things that people will see when they come across your content, so it’s important to make sure that it’s optimized for both search engine algorithms and readers. A great SEO title can help your content get found more easily in search engines (including Google’s organic search results), and also entice people to click through to read it.

  • Optimizing your URLs

    If you want your website to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s important to optimize your URLs. A well-optimized URL can help search engines index and crawl your site more effectively, and it can also help users understand what your page is about by using keywords in your URL.

  • Unique and valuable content

    We make you stand out from your competitors and catch your audience’s attention and loyalty by making great content!

    A valuable content is crucial for a website’s SEO performance. We achieve great results by making contents that are:

    • Well-written and free of errors

    • Relevant to your website’s topic or niche

    • Informative or helpful to your target audience

    • Regularly updated so that search engines can see that your site is active and relevant

OFF page SEO services


A good OFF page SEO strategy will involve a mix of activities, including researching and using high quality backlinks and increasing social presence. These activities will help to improve the visibility and authority of your website, making it more likely to rank highly in search results.

Link building is one of the most important aspects of OFF page SEO. Links from high-quality websites can help to increase your website’s authority and improve its ranking in search results.

Which is better? ON page SEO or OFF page SEO?

It’s not a matter of which one is better than the other when it comes to SEO campaigns. Your SEO experts will tell you that a great Search Engine Optimisation strategy will use both ON page SEO and OFF page SEO to dominate the search engine results page.

Why is it important to use both? Well…simply put, because they both play a role in how well your website ranks. On page SEO helps the search engines understand what your website is about, while OFF page SEO signals to them that your website is a credible source of information.

Technical SEO services


Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for Google search with the goal of improving the visibility and organic traffic of that site. Technical SEO includes technical aspects such as site architecture, sitemaps, and more.

Technical SEO is important because it helps Google understand your website and its content. You can improve your site’s ranking in search results and drive more organic traffic to your site by optimizing your website for Google.

How do we, as a SEO agency in Singapore improve your Technical SEO?

  • We ensure that your web page is well-structured and easy to navigate

  • We ensure that your web page is mobile-friendly

  • We ensure that your web page load quickly so you don’t lose any of your audience

A good technical SEO will tie up the effort done in ON page SEO and OFF page SEO to increase your website’s organic ranking.


You May Not Be Aware

Here’s Something No Other SEO Agency Can Tell You

The typical SEO company will charge a standard monthly retainer of around 1,000 – 2,000 SGD. Some, to compete on price, will charge slightly less than that. They’ll typically promise that with this fee, they’ll rank at least 10 or more keywords, and, depending on the competition levels, do so within 3 – 6, up to 12 months. Or they’ll offer a package loaded with tons of technical SEO jargon (like LSI, TTFB, MFO, etc) to create the illusion they’re doing a lot to justify the price they’re charging you (when all they do is actually push a button on some SEO software to do everything automatically).

But see if they can answer this question as accurately as possible – how many dollars can you get in return for every $1 you spend on their SEO services? And by what time frame? And is the money you’re putting in enough to fight the often tough competition you’re facing in SEO?

And what if you want to know if SEO is even worth it for your business in the first place? Can another SEO company answer this question honestly, or will they find a way to justify charging money for something that your business doesn’t need, which can be better served with another marketing channel?

Throw a stone randomly at the SEO crowd and almost anyone it lands on will theoretically know how to rank websites to page 1 of Google, but do they have the ability and skill sets to steer a campaign that will bring measurable results to the business and strategically pilot it through uncertainties?

Do they also know how to protect hard-won search engine rankings for the long-term through various future Google updates? Do they have an insurance plan to mitigate ranking drops, negative SEO attacks or Google search penalties?


Who We Are

Introducing NightOwl Managed SEO Services - The SEO Agency That Focuses on Business ROI

Having high, relevant web traffic is crucial to driving potential leads for any business. Our comprehensive, fully managed SEO service drives significant keyword ranking increases and organic web traffic growth through our advanced SEO process. We have a stringent cost-benefit analysis to determine if SEO is worth your time and investment; and a winning formula to identify gaps between you and the rankings you deserve. 

This means, not only do we improve your site’s keyword rankings (every other SEO agency does that), we also ensure those keywords drive relevant organic traffic that will drive increased business for you, at a cost that makes business sense to maximise your ROI on SEO spending. Would it make sense to spend $1 to make $1 back, or less than that? You want to double, triple, quadruple your SEO investment, or more!


Advanced SEO Strategy

Strategic Consultation

We kick off with an overall strategy session by understanding your business, its digital challenges and your business goals. We give you an insight on how SEO can work for you in bringing business ROI, and design a well thought-out plan customised to your available circumstances to achieve your business goals. 

In-Depth Keyword Research

We identify keywords that your target audience is actually searching for that can drive an impact to your business. We look at terms you’re already ranking for and optimise your site further to let you grab quick traffic jumps, while building the pathway to rank for keywords that take time but will have long-lasting benefits for you.

Competitive Analysis

We identify the gaps between you and your competitors competing for the same keywords, and develop an actionable plan to overtake them and rank you at the top.

Content Optimisation & Link Building

From the keyword research and competitive analysis we did, we go to work on closing the gaps between you and your competitors by optimising the content of your website, and forging pathways of visibility to them via an active backlink outreach campaign.

Our Offerings

Your Dedicated Campaign Strategist

Your Dedicated SEO Veteran Who Understands Your Business

From the first contact with us, you get to speak with an SEO campaign strategist – an experienced SEO veteran, not a sales personnel. You’ll have a dedicated Campaign strategist who works with you to understand your business goals and design a customised SEO plan to achieve the results you want.

Direct Communication Channel

You don’t speak to a bot, an operator or via a contact form. You get to directly talk to your campaign strategist to have your questions and concerns addressed. They will be answerable to you during business hours via WhatsApp.

Regular Strategy Sessions & Reviews

Your dedicated SEO campaign expert will hold quarterly strategy sessions and reviews with you to sync up on what’s progressed, what obstacles to overcome and where to head to next.

What You Will Receive

Transparent Reporting

Robust Client Action Review (CAR) Reporting System

We’ll show you exactly all the steps of what’s to be done, and what’s already done for your campaign, and any notes and diagnoses of the SEO campaign expert.

Live Keyword Rank Tracking Dashboard

You’ll access our dashboard that tracks the live Google rankings of our target keywords, accurate up to the last 24 hours.

Backlinks & Content Vault

You’ll also access the vault where we report the backlinks we acquired for your SEO campaign as well as content produced.

We Let Our Results Do The Talking

Here's how we helped our clients

F&B Industry - BBQ eCommerce Giant

Conquering Rank 1 within 8 months of SEO campaign and driving 6 digits of yearly

Wedding Boutique - 6 Digits Of Web Visitors Yearly

How a wedding boutique, redefined itself in the digital era, to create a steady stream

From 1 Computer Repair Store To 4 Stores In Singapore

How a computer repair store served thousands of customers and grew to 4 outlets

Rocking The Rank 1 In The Events Industry

How a local events company uses SEO to achieve a major breakthrough in business growth

Our Clientele

We Work With

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How To Work With Us?

Schedule A Quick Intro Call

Let’s get to know each other. Give us a few details about your website, your services, your competition, and any other requirements or concerns you have.

Determine If We Are A Match

Get a rough sense of the budget based on your campaign objectives and clarify any burning questions you have. Decide if SEO is right for you, and if you are ready to invest for your future success.

1-on-1 Consultation

We will kick off with a no-obligation 1-on-1 consultation to understand your business, challenges and goals. We’ll give you insight & analysis on how we can drive traffic to your site based on your circumstances.

Let’s Get Started - Onboarding Call

If you like what we are proposing and would love to proceed, we kickstart the campaign with an onboarding call to get all the technicalities out of the way - website login access, keyword rank tracking dashboard, our CAR reporting system, setup of direct communication channel via WhatsApp, start of an on-site audit, formulation of a content plan, launch of your backlink outreach campaign, etc.

Quarterly SEO Campaign Review

Every quarter, you’ll sync up with your dedicated SEO campaign expert to get you updated on what has progressed, where you are in the SEO campaign timeline, any obstacles faced and plans to overcome them, and what to do next.

SEO in April 2022 — How the new month will affect your business

The SEO landscape continues to puzzle, infuriate and challenge marketers in April 2022. There is no shortage of “sneaky” updates made on Google’s algorithm, powered by advanced language processing and artificial intelligence.

Just recently, several websites gained and lost rankings for their keywords in early March. Upon preliminary investigation, we observed that Google is optimising its matching capabilities between user queries and content intent. This was likely ‘rolled out’ to combat the huge influx of thin content produced by AI writers or filler writers.

As certain processes are augmented with AI along the digital marketing supply chain, the prominence of automation and strategic focus of marketers can bring forth daring ideas. However, automation does not provide an excuse for poor quality — QC processes would therefore see an increase in robustness.

Therefore, it is atypical for most companies to experiment with their marketing processes in 2022. Especially since many new tools reached a usable ‘beta’ phase in the latter half of 2021. 

A key takeaway for marketers is the potential weaknesses these automation tools present. Big or small, marketers must look at their competitive landscape, budget and manpower before deciding the quality and quantity of content needed. It is not worth purchasing a subscription of tools no one is going to utlilise effectively.

This segues nicely into any product-focused industry — as marketers would find that content with generic photos of products (taken from elsewhere) may no longer rank. Google has recently recommended that marketers use original photos or videos of their products, rather than relying on photos derived from other sources. Companies should therefore note that unique content is greatly valued by Search Engines, more so if your content is well optimised for search intent.

Similarly, Web Core Vitals are officially a ranking factor. Companies should start examining their website’s deliverability, or competitors might just start catching up.

Marketers would need to arm their teams with the right skillsets. Initially ‘trivial’ issues marketers might dismiss can start to harm companies, especially if they are stacked upon one another.

It is no wonder that the age of outwitting search engines is beyond us — as most SEOs today function like compliance officers, ensuring that no rule in Google’s playbook is broken, while seeking out opportunities from Google and searchers alike. 

Black-hat shortcuts no longer work. In fact, they are used as a weapon by many firms against competitors!

How then should the ordinary marketer adapt to such changes, especially when Google search is just one platform out of a sea of equally complex channels? Not to mention, unlike several fields of marketing — SEO requires constant adaptation and sometimes an overhaul of strategy!

Well, look no further! 

With 15 years of experience in the SEO business, we’ve seen it all, done it all, but have not learnt it all! This ever-changing landscape made us lifelong learners; as strategies can change quickly without warning. We have come to understand that SEO requires vigilance and constant maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When we say “managed SEO services”, we go beyond managing all the aspects of SEO to achieve ranking goals. We basically align everything we do in SEO to improve rankings of your website’s keywords with your business goals by driving relevant, organic traffic that has high probability of converting into enquiries and sales.

This means we do on-page optimisation, ensuring all the target keywords are in appropriate places in the content, ensuring the content of the page has a natural keyword density, ensuring we use semantically related and relevant keywords in the content in a natural way, balanced with conversion best practices, all for the purpose of serving your business goals.

This means we do on-site and technical optimisation, ensuring all the important pages are interlinked sufficiently in the website, ensuring the Google crawlers are able to access all the relevant content in the most efficient way possible, ensuring your website loading speed is up to standards, all for the purpose of driving relevant organic traffic to increase your business.

This means we do off-page SEO, ensuring that your content gets relevant backlinks from websites with relevant content, ensuring that your website maintains a natural organic backlink profile, all for the purpose of achieving your business objectives.

We do most of what an SEO agency does under the category of “managed SEO services”, but do so intentionally, prioritising those 20% of the tasks that will bring 80% of the impact to your business goals.


Think of investing in SEO as investing in blue chip companies in the stock market VS doing PPC (pay per click) campaigns as scalping or day trading the more volatile and unpredictable financial markets. SEO may take time to yield significant results, as it is a long-term investment, but the returns will last longer. What you started on in your SEO journey right now will bring in traffic to your website many months and perhaps years to come. And as you do more (of the right kind of) SEO, your results will compound itself.

Whereas doing PPC may bring in instant traffic, and we do recommend it while doing SEO if you have the budget and it makes business sense, but once you cut off the PPC budget, the traffic will stop. Whereas organic traffic will not stop flowing as a result of SEO done months ago, unless major Google updates or ranking drops happen – and even so, there are multiple ways to mitigate the impact of such things happening.


This is actually easy with the right implementation of analytics tools. If you have a clear, good grasp of the numbers pertaining to your business, such as your average customer lifetime value, your average order value per sale, your average lead to sales conversion rate, you can plug it in our SEO ROI calculator to measure and project potential ROI from SEO.

We do this by taking the amount of revenue you generate from your website specifically via the Organic Traffic (SEO) channel, divided by the amount you invest into SEO over the same period of time.

Our SEO Campaign Experts would be able to assist you in integrating Google Analytics on your website and set up the appropriate Conversion Goals to ensure conversions that came in via SEO are tracked accurately.

As for projecting future potential SEO ROI, we calculate the amount of traffic your website will receive based on the average range of clickthrough rates of websites ranked in the Top 3, Top 5 and Top 10, and an estimate of your website conversion rate to arrive at the conversion numbers and hence your potential ROI.

Short Answer: We do everything necessary and possible to improve your website’s keyword rankings, and do so while (1) not getting your website penalised by Google – directly by our actions – and (2) not breaking any country’s laws.

Long Answer: What we do in the on-site and on-page aspects of SEO will be considered strictly white hat. There are however different interpretations of what we – or what all SEO agencies do for that matter – in the off-site link building aspect of SEO.

In the strictest interpretations of Google’s playbook, doing anything at all to try and influence other websites to link back to you is frowned upon. The link building aspect of SEO is strictly not against any valid international laws of any government in the world regarding the Internet, it is just something that Google doesn’t like as it affects their rice bowl – which is their advertising revenue stream.

With that said, there is a spectrum of activities that can be generally considered white hat, grey hat and black hat in the SEO community.

To put it simply, white hat link building is extremely slow, depends on luck, depends on your real world personal networking and connections with the big leagues or celebrities, or depends on extremely brilliant but one-hit-wonder public relations manoeuvres – let’s face it – the average decent small business website have very little chances of being in this category.

On the other end of the spectrum, black hat link building is extremely tempting, it can get fast results, but they are often short-lived, or can be costly in the long run to maintain as you cover up your past shady tracks. It takes the manipulation of Google’s algorithms to the extreme. It can also sometimes be borderline illegal as some tactics may involve some form of hacking or defacing other websites to place a link to yours, or bringing down competitor sites through DDOS attacks.

Where most good SEO’s play, including us, is in the Grey Hat range – where we take a little bit of black hat concepts, and build backlinks while maintaining a clean white hat image in the eyes of Google as much as possible. Grey Hat SEO’s work based on social contracts and mutually beneficial relationships and understanding between one another, by building backlinks off each other’s websites and offering benefits in exchange.

For e.g. it is not illegal at all in any liberal capitalist country in the world for a website to sell space for a feature article and backlink inside it for a fee or other compensation, provided the content and activities related to it are legal. This is simply a Guest Post or Sponsored Editorial. Search engines may not like it, but both Google and that website and the one it links to, all work under a capitalist system, and it’s totally legal.

We promise if you speak to all SEO agencies in the entire world and ask them to answer honestly, they will answer in the same sense of what we said.


In our experience asking our clients how much do other SEO agencies charge, we have heard anywhere ranging from $800 to $2,000 SGD most commonly. This is not a question that can be easily addressed with a straightforward answer.

Different SEO agencies do different things and charge different fees accordingly.c In fact simply searching “SEO Agency Singapore” could yield a variety of companies with complex offerings.

What’s most important is the business returns for you and the level of service they provide to serve your business objectives.

We are aware that, just as there are many types of SEO agencies, there are also many types of SEO client companies with different budget ranges. We do not serve low budget clientele under our managed SEO service offering, but we do have a la carte SEO offerings suitable for business owners or marketers that can do DIY SEO and don’t need the full spectrum of services.

As our managed SEO service is a specialised, bespoke service that involves significant strategic planning, consultation, mental resources, reporting and meetings, involving people who are thoroughly trained and have extensive experience in the industry, in both the technical and business aspects of SEO, we do need to compensate our professionals fairly so they feel rewarded for their efforts and continue to be sustained for their passion in serving businesses that want to achieve greater levels.

Depending on how deeply you look, SEO can appear a complex subject to the layperson. Like all fields of human knowledge, there will always be a few basic principles that define it. We understand SEO both on the basic principles and the advanced technical levels. We understand when to look at SEO from basic principles, and when to dig deep into the technicalities. This sounds philosophical and conceptual, but most people working in SEO fall under either category (the basic or the erudite), and are rarely both.

What makes our strategy advanced is we can project and calculate for you how much potential business returns you can get from investing in a particular SEO tactic, strategy and keyword group. We don’t just spray things randomly and hope something sticks.

This has happened and can happen often. If this happens, it is a great sign your competitor was threatened by the drop in their rankings, meaning you getting that Top spot in place of them would mean getting all the traffic that that competitor had enjoyed.

We have strategies to protect your rankings after some time, and also to mitigate the impact of ranking drops. If your competitor wants to rank for that one high volume keyword, we’ll protect your ranking there while also at the same time ranking for dozens of other related and relevant keywords with good potential conversion values that total up to the same or possibly higher search volume than the one holy grail keyword.

Also, we will build more trust and authority for your website in Google’s eyes such that any knee jerk reaction from competitors won’t make a dent in your rankings.


Read the answers to questions 2 and 3 again. Think of SEO as a long-term investment with results that are predictable and measurable, and hence, optimisable, as compared to other channels such as display advertising, social media influencers or TV advertising. If you need further assistance in preparing a report or presentation to your management to justify SEO spend, do speak with our expert consultants. We have successfully done so for marketers in various large organisations and various industries.


Every other SEO agency will reply with just about the same answers, and they’ll probably mostly mean what they say too. But here’s what makes us uniquely positioned and qualified to serve the kind of clientele we’re looking to serve more of:

  • We are a boutique agency that’s quite picky about our clientele, and we charge accordingly while giving each fair amount of attention. We don’t want to take in 1,000 clients paying $500 each, while only giving each client $50 worth of attention. We want to take in at most 100 clients paying $1,500 to $5,000, while giving each client $10,000 worth of attention.

  • We were started by 3 entrepreneurs with experience in growing businesses and we care about growing businesses rather than simply increasing our bottom lines or only focusing on the technicalities of SEO like geeks.

  • All our SEO Campaign Experts, Managers and Consultants that you work with are thoroughly trained in the technicalities of SEO, in business management and marketing principles, and also receive executive coaching and training to be able to manage a myriad of possible scenarios professionally and effectively. You won’t get a Virtual Assistant (VA) only trained to give you standard template answers. You speak with actual human beings who are trained and experienced to serve your business needs and are out to achieve what you are looking to achieve.


Finding the right SEO agency with the right SEO strategies is a delicate act, requiring some foreknowledge of how search engines work. Some SEO companies take advantage of that fact, creating challenging roadblocks that hinder your SEO campaigns — whether you are aiming for local SEO or global SEO solutions.

Simply arrange a call with one of our consultants or experts, and you will get a taste of who you will be working with.

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