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Here are some echoing questions that we hear from time to time. These will help you understand why SEO is a long game rather than just a one time deal; the only way to stay on top is with ongoing commitment.

On SEO Services

Can you help with local or international SEO?

Absolutely. Most of our clients are Singapore-based, and we’ve done well in ranking for keywords like “product / service providers Singapore”.

Some of our clients are multinational or can cater to an international audience, and we’ve ranked them for target keywords in the Google domains of various countries too.

Each client will have access to their own SEO tracking dashboard. You can compare your site ranking before and after you sign a contract with us.

Also, check out our portfolio of ranking successes.

Of course. If you are in Singapore, just let us know the venue and time. Otherwise, Skype/Google Hangout conference is okay with us.

Our Skype handler is “TheNightOwl”. Be advised that our office hour is from 9 AM–5 PM (UTC+7/Singapore time).

On Billing

Yes, but we do not recommend it. As emphasised already, to fully maximise the impact of SEO on your website, it takes a long-term game.

We’ve found that a 12-month projection is the safest and most common timeline for ranking objectives to be achieved.

Although there are very rare exceptions, SEO campaigns of less than 12 months often don’t get satisfactory ranking gains.

Yes, though we prefer you to stay with us for a while. As mentioned above, SEO is a long game. An ongoing commitment to SEO will maximise the results.


Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to techniques that help your website become more visible in organic search results for the people who are looking for your brand, product, or service via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

For an in-depth encyclopedia entry, refer to Wikipedia. Or the #1 authority on the SEO industry (for now), Moz.

Weeks, months, sometimes a year or more. It depends on what industry your business is in, the resources you are allocating for SEO, and the quality of SEO being done.

Generally, our campaigns take approximately 2-3 months to see significant movements in the search engine.

For lasting impact and stable rankings on the first page, usually 1 year.

When your rankings go down, it may be because of one of or several reasons. Here are the most common (but don’t panic, we have ways to manage):

In a Bad Case:

a) Google has released a new search engine algorithm that affects everyone;
b) Your website has lost some good backlinks, lowering your domain authority;
c) Your website was filtered by Google bots due to technical issues with your site;
d) Your website was penalized by Google’s employee due to violation of guidelines;
e) Your competitors have improved their SEO and now outranks you.

In A Good Case (Most Common):

f) If it’s a sudden drop after weeks of continuous climbing, it’s good news – Google is ‘testing’ your site against alternatives – we usually see this a lot just before it climbs back up again and continues climbing and stays at the top for a long time.

This is the most common scenario for our customers. Therefore, DO NOT PANIC if you see a drop. Fluctuations in rankings especially in the first 3 months of SEO is a normal thing. Google has successfully found you, saw the SEO improvements and is trying to get a sense of where to rank you against others, hence the fluctuations.

In this scenario, the initial rankings are restored in a couple of days or weeks, sometimes you might even earn better rankings than before.

Unfortunately, yes. Some competitors might resort to unethical ways to outrank you. The best way to protect your website from negative SEO attack is to have someone closely monitoring and reporting bad backlinks your website is getting.

We’re glad to say this monitoring service is part of all our SEO packages.

Having fresh, useful posts regularly on your website is one of the best ways to achieve good rankings. They will attract visitors and provide new content for bots to index. Other sites may also link to the new information, increasing your domain authority and number of backlinks. But good content alone is not enough to get high rankings. It needs to be supplemented with a good comprehensive SEO strategy that covers link building and good on-site SEO architecture.

Social media presents opportunities to acquire backlinks and mentions to your website. On the other hand, Google still uses backlinks as their main ranking factor. So if your website is doing great on social media, it doesn’t mean it will automatically get a high ranking on Google or other search engines. However, we find that a good social media profile also acts as a good ‘protection’ or ‘insurance’ against Google penalties or negative SEO.

Unless you are an established website like BBC or Wikipedia, you will not get high rankings or good backlinks simply by writing great content. So the answer is yes, you have to build backlinks.

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