First Consultation and Support

We get how it is like when you work with someone new for the first time. We want you to be able to make the right decision without any obligation or stress. Here are various ways we help our customers do so.

Understand your business needs to devise a strategy that overcomes your challenges

Start with a 30 minutes discovery call

We don’t pitch. We are not salespeople. We are a bunch of technical people that are in the business to do good. We started our business years back where they are many sketchy providers in the market. We are here to change that. 

We are committed to making a real difference to our customers. Therefore, we do not pitch and make promises that are too good to be true. That is a bad way to start a relationship. We are in the business of driving visible, transformational results. 

In this 30 minutes discovery call, we get connected with each other:

  • You get to speak with a digital strategist that has hands-on experience in both strategic and technical knowledge. The good news is – it’s free.

  • We get a sense of what you do, and what your business goals are. For example, how much revenue, web traffic or leads you want to achieve? So we can evaluate if our strategies and our offerings are designed to help you succeed.

  • You get a renewed sense of clarity, direction, and a second opinion on possible solutions to get the business breakthrough you want. You get an idea on what marketing budget and commitment is needed to cause your business transformation. You also get a sense of who we are and if we are a potential fit to work with.

With this, you can discuss with your team and / or management, and make a prudent choice.
If you like what you are hearing, let’s get down to business.

Crafting a digital strategy to help you win

Based on your business goals, we formulate a winning strategy that works for you – from choosing the right digital channel, analysing industry keywords and search volume, to measuring digital ROI and more.

We evaluate if SEO or SEM is the right channel for you. For example, if you need an immediate solution, SEO is definitely not for you. Our experienced marketers would recommend SEM. If you already have a successful channel that is driving you leads, and you want to invest for the long term, SEO is likely to make sense.

If you find us to be a good fit for each other and the terms are agreeable, we get started working together formally.

Keyword And Search Volume Analysis

If you are conducting an SEO or SEM campaign, keywords analysis is a critical and essential step towards building a successful SEO campaign.

Online visitors arrive into your website via Google keyword searches. Hence, we want to know what keywords your potential customers are actively searching on Google that are relevant for your business, its search volume, and how competitive any given keyword is.

With a strong data foundation, we proposed a right balance of keywords selection (short and long-tail keywords) based on your business goals. You get clarity on the amount of qualified traffic you can acquire from SEO, and how it translates into the digital ROI for you.

For example, referring to the image above, the keyword “cleaner singapore” receives 720 average searches on Google every month. Google recommends related keywords such as “cleaning services singapore” that receives 2,900 average searches monthly.

If you are rank on the top 3 for both of these keywords, your website is exposed to 3,620 monthly searches. Based on statistics, 25% of these search count will click into your website. A successful SEO campaign will therefore drive 905 visitors to your website monthly, 10,860 visitors yearly. With a good website, you probably can convert 10% of these visitors into enquiries – 90 enquiries per month, 1080 enquiries per year.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what keyword analysis can possibly do. The analysis goes deeper into choosing the right keywords, analysing of your competitors data, and measuring digital ROI. These will be done during our consultation and over the course of the campaign.