Ad Targeting & Creation

Ad Targeting and creation is an essential step for outreaching golden keyword opportunities that help scale your business in a cost-effective manner. Discover how our methodology works.

We craft compelling ads that capture your customer's attention and engage them

Keyword and Search Volume Analysis

When it comes to Ad targeting on Google, keywords analysis is a critical and essential step towards building a successful SEM campaign.

Online visitors arrive into your website via Google keyword searches. Hence, we want to know what keywords your potential customers are actively searching on Google that are relevant for your business, its search volume, and how competitive any given keyword is.

With a strong data foundation, we proposed a right balance of keywords selection based on your business goals. You get clarity on the amount of qualified traffic you can acquire from SEO, and how it translates into the digital ROI for you.

Our methodology for crafting compelling ad copy

In today’s content-driven business world, it is necessary to capture user’s attention, engage them sufficiently, and build their interest in how your offering can address their needs or wants. 

When people search for your product or services, we want to make sure our ad stands out. We think from your customer’s perspective and copywrite compelling ad copy using a methodology called AIDA. The AIDA model serves to enhance our marketing message and increase the probability of converting a potential user to a paying customer. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. 

We also look at a valuable metrics called Ad Quality Score. The higher the Ad Quality Score is, the lower the Cost Per Conversion is. Google rewards you if your ad and landing page is relevant and useful to users searching for your keywords. 

If we get a high quality score, every dollar we spend, we double the effectiveness.