Pricing for SEO Services for Different Clients in Singapore


Different clients have different online marketing needs. Pricing for SEO services in Singapore varies based on the size of your business, market, and your competition. Search engine results, therefore, should reflect what you, the client, need and paid for. Otherwise, it’s a massive waste of money.

Different types of clients and suitable pricing packages for them


Freelancing is serious business. Those who do freelancing should ideally have a website. This allows them to easily send their portfolio to prospective clients, and earn legitimacy in their craft. They can also put their pricing menus on their website or blog.

Freelancers who want to expand their market should go for a simple package that will get them a traffic volume of around 100 to 300 unique individuals. SEO does wonders for freelancers in highly niche industries, whether old or super new.

Businesses in Niche Industries

Not only individuals but also small businesses in niche industries will benefit from implementing a simple SEO package. For example, you have a company that provides solar-powered paper recycling units for homes or sells cross-stitch threads. By availing SEO services, you bring yourself closer to hobbyists and have them put you on top of their minds. That’s a great way of beating the already small group of competition that you have. All the better if you have no competition available.

Small businesses with physical presence and city-wide coverage

Small businesses tend to offer the same trendy things, like food or gadget accessories. They also offer niche products, albeit for bigger markets and not specialists. Examples of these are companies that sell only customized window decor in Geylang or produce wedding souvenirs using only sustainable materials near Marina Bay.

Getting SEO services is an awesome way for you to distinguish yourself from competitors. Being on the internet is in itself a service. By making yourself searchable, you ease their need to look for other suppliers either online or on the streets.

Small businesses could do with mid-size package that allows them to attract around a thousand people a month to their website.

Small to medium enterprises with national coverage

The bigger your coverage, the more you have competitors, and the more you need to be aggressive with your SEO. Companies who belong to this category include bespoke fashion and jewelry designers and local food kiosks. Brands who also do e-commerce with less than a hundred products should also implement a fairly more aggressive SEO strategy. SMEs should consider investing on an SEO package that guarantees web traffic volume of around 2000 to 8000 individual users monthly.

Medium e-commerce enterprises with an international clientele

If you own a local medium-sized e-commerce company and wish to cater to the foreign market, you must invest in an SEO package that allows them to extend your reach beyond the shores. You are not just competing with locals, but also international brands. A reasonable SEO pricing package will deliver around 10,000 to 20,000 unique online users monthly to your website.

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