Fully Managed
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If you are not found in the top 3 rankings in Google, you are missing out on massive business opportunities. The top 3 websites on Google, dominates around 60% of all web searches. This potentially means for every 10 customers in your industry, 6 will visit the top 3 sites on Google.

We can help.


Advanced SEO Strategy

Get a customised plan to rank competitively for keywords that grows your organic traffic and drive ROI returns for your business.


Dedicated Campaign Expert

Work with one of our personal SEO campaign strategist, that is committed to make you succeed in your marketing.


Transparent Reporting

Stay updated on what goes on in your campaigns, and how our SEO agency grow and evolve your campaign across time.

Introducing Nightowl
Fully Managed SEO Service

You know how to run your business. We know how to score in SEO. Leave the hard lifting of your search rankings to us, while you focus on growing your business. Our comprehensive SEO services, drives significant keyword ranking increases and organic web traffic growth, through a proven process and an advanced SEO formula.

*Non-obligatory. Ask questions and get an estimated price.

Advanced SEO Strategy

Beat the competition. Drive higher rankings and organic traffic to your site.

SEO is a race, where everyone is looking to be in the top 3 positions, and our job here is to evaluate the competition, and reverse-engineer a strategy to overtake their positions.

We look into your industry and understand exactly what keywords your potential customers are searching for in Google. We also look at the search volumes and trends of these keywords to inform our strategy and determine which ones to target in our campaign.

Based on the keywords we have chosen from the in-depth keyword research, we run a full audit on your website to understand whether it is relevant to and optimised for the keywords we want to rank for. After the audit, we have a clear actionable plan to optimise and adjust the technical and content aspects of the website to make it easier for Google to detect, and understand your website, and relate it to the target keywords we want to rank for.

While we optimise the website to ensure the website serves useful, relevant content to visitors, this is not enough. There is a competitive gap to be filled to be able to rank in the coveted Top 3, Top 5, even Top 10 positions of search. We perform this competitive gap analysis to gauge where we stand and how far we have to go to bridge the gap between us and the competing websites ranking at the top. We measure the competitive gaps in terms of authority and content.

Today in SEO, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E.A.T.) are crucial elements that a website needs to have to signal to Google that it is worthy of higher rankings. Google’s purpose is to serve relevant, useful, timely and accurate content, and if we align with that by showing strength of authority and depth of expertise in our content, we have better chances of ranking higher. Therefore in our SEO campaigns, we plan what content we can expand in your website to show we are the best of the best within the industry. We use the competitive gap analysis to tell us how the top competitors present their content on the website, and we craft a content strategy around surpassing their benchmarks.

Great content alone will not rank websites higher. Backlinks and mentions from other websites and authoritative sources are needed to drive attention and traffic to our great content. From the competitive gap analysis, we determine the competitive benchmarks we need to beat in terms of the quantity and the strength of backlinks. Our link building process is strategic such that the great content on your website gets the attention and link juice it deserves.


A SEO veteran will be assigned to take care of all your campaign needs.

Every member of our team, inclusive of sales and marketing individuals, are technically trained in this work.

When you work with us, a SEO veteran will be assigned to be your point of contact. He will be closely working with you in understanding your business objectives, design a customised SEO strategy, and coordinate with our team, to executive and achieve the results you want.

Transparent SEO Reporting

Stay updated with your campaign progress with a clear review structure

We believe communication is the key to a successful partnership, thus the emphasis on concrete accountability and reporting of all SEO deliverables.

Beyond the monthly deliverables, we review the campaign with you on a periodical basis to measure the business impact from the work we do, to optimise our strategy further.

In our monthly SEO reporting, you get to see how the keywords we track are performing in rankings, and beyond that, you get to see how they impact your website’s organic traffic. Our report shows the relationship between rankings and traffic clearly and is easy to read.

Can’t wait for the monthly reports? You can get a pulse of how things are doing now – you get a LIVE rankings and traffic dashboard – which is also interactive and easy to navigate – to see the data for today, the past week, past month, or any timeline you wish to see.

A good strategy takes time to execute and yield results. While time passes, many things can happen in the market, to the industry or even to your business. SEO is not set & forget, but an effort that needs constant monitoring. Quarterly campaign reviews allow us to see if our directions, tactics and approaches set at the start are moving us closer to our goals, and to steer and shift course in case of speed bumps. We have a clear timeline of actionables and what to expect next, with some buffer for short detours. 

We work with you not as a Vendor, but as a Partner, meaning we are invested in your company’s success via SEO. While we are in the business of assisting you in reaching your business goals with SEO, we also stand firm in our belief in tactful transparency, and we will communicate – plainly – what works, and what doesn’t work, in the process of getting you to the destination, instead of saying only what we think you want to hear.

Free SEO Strategy Session

Get expert advice over a 30 mins Zoom call

Unsure if this works for you? Comparing between quotes? Get an additional opinion or advice from us. In our 30 minute strategy session, we will walk you through the following:

  • How does SEO works for your business.
  • Should you invest in SEO or do direct advertising via FB and/or SEM.
  • What kind of pricing and ROI can our SEO agency achieve.

Real Results. Real Presence

We believe in results. Learn how we use SEO to drive digital performance for our clients. 

Whether you are a local business, an eCommerce site, or looking to scale your web traffic internationally, we can tailor-make a strategy to deliver your business goals.


Learn how we helped our customers grow their businesses

And that was over 5years back. My webpage had gone from page 10 to page 1 after engaging their services just within a year!

Till date, I have already treat NightOwl SEO team as a part of my business too. We do have frequent meetups till date to discuss about strategies to how we want to propel my website and business to the next level.

With NightOwl SEO and their dedicated staffs, I know I can count on them! Keep up the Great work guys!

Jack Chen – Director

Happy Sparrow Pte. Ltd.

We have meetings every quarterly and the team updated me on the progress and also allow me to ask questions and seek clarifications.

I began to see slight positive result from the 2nd quarter onwards. By the 3rd quarter, a few keywords started to inch towards Google page 1 and I begin to taste online sales via my website.

People start calling me and I see progress in enquiries. I truly appreciate the hard work Nightowl’s team have put in. Nightowl’s team conducted themselves professionally and responsibly.

Thomas Thong – Director

Regrow Herbal Hair Pte. Ltd.

They truly care about their clients’ success, and will always find new ways to further improve their own company’s SEO skills and knowledge to better help their clients.

Their way of doing SEO and business will definitely make their clients and themselves succeed for a long long time.

Work with them and you will know.

Jonathan Ong – Director

Family Tutor Pte. Ltd.

Ivan Phay – Founder

Dream Wedding Boutique Pte. Ltd.

They really take time to understand our business and through their regular updates and suggestions, we have been able to massively improve our search leads. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

Paul Lam – Director

Otua Auto Pte. Ltd.

He also answered all questions with great details and suggestion for improvement in reading examples. Highly recommend taking his class and also consulting his service. 


Jackie W

Student in our SEO Class

Getting Started

How It Works

We believe in results. Learn how we use SEO to drive digital performance for our clients. Whether you are a local business, an eCommerce site, or looking to scale your web traffic internationally, we can tailor-make a strategy to deliver your business goals.


1. Hop On A Discovery Call

Let's get to know each other. Share with us a little about your project requirements.


2. Strategy & Proposal

Ask burning questions, and get an estimate budget based on your objectives.


3. Contractual Agreement

We kick off with a non-obligatory session by proposing our solution.


4. Onboarding Call

If you like what we propose and will like to proceed, we are officially a match!


5. Campaign Production

Let's get to know each other. Share with us a little about your project requirements.


6. Keep In Communication

Ask burning questions, and get an estimate budget based on your objectives.


7. Track & Measure Results

We kick off with a non-obligatory session by proposing our solution.

Asked Questions

We’ve been in business long enough to address any questions regarding SEO. Here are the most common ones.

What is your pricing? How much does it cost to work with you?

Our services are priced based on a combination of multiple factors but start from 1,000 SGD per month and can range up to 10,000 SGD per month. The price depends on factors such as: the number of keywords to rank, the countries or geographic regions to target, and importantly, how competitive the industry is, or how much competitors are spending on search marketing to rank at the top and maintain their positions – e.g. the search competition and SEO firepower needed for a local SEO campaign for “vegan pet food store in Orchard Road” will be very different from an international campaign for “best travel insurance company”.

A 30-minute discovery call with us will help us craft the package that suits you best. In this call, we discover what business goals you want to achieve, and how SEO can help achieve that, or even if SEO is suitable as a marketing channel at all. We find out your budget, as well as your revenue goals, and from there, we can compute from our projections the business value that SEO can bring. This discovery call has no obligation, and at the end of it, you get an estimate of the investment needed for SEO for you to discuss with your stakeholders if this is worth pursuing.

What kind of guarantees can you offer on your SEO campaigns?

We believe guarantees can give customers peace of mind. We also have customers who do not need guarantees because of their experience working with us, they have the natural confidence in what we do and its effectiveness in bringing them business results, and we are grateful for their confidence.

With that said, we understand that guarantees can give assurances especially when first-timers with us had heard horror stories or even had negative experiences themselves with other or past SEO vendors.

Unlike other SEO companies, we do not offer a one size fits all packaged guarantee on our campaigns, and just as each campaign, each business, and each industry or market is unique, we craft guarantees that are win-win for all parties, one that is realistic to the realities of the market, yet hedges or mitigates your risk.

What kind of results does SEO drive for a business?

Putting away all the marketing hype and fluff, the ultimate goal of SEO is ranking your website at the top of the search engine results for keywords that your potential customers search for in high volumes.

When you rank high for a keyword that lots of people are searching for, that leads to increased organic traffic to your website. Usually that’s where conversations about SEO come to an end. But we want to go beyond that.

As Partners in your SEO, we consult, we strategise and we execute the campaign with the expansion of your online business revenue in mind. Beyond the technical executions of SEO, we imbue our processes with a critical thinking mindset aligned to the fulfilment of your business goals.

Beyond doing SEO, we are here to cause a transformation in your search visibility.

Why should we even invest in SEO in 2022 if it takes 6 to 12 months to see visible results, when pay per click campaigns can get almost instant results?

Think of investing in SEO as investing in blue chip companies in the stock market VS doing PPC (pay per click) campaigns as scalping or day trading the more volatile and unpredictable financial markets. SEO may take time to yield significant results, as it is a long-term investment, but the returns will last longer. What you started on in your SEO journey right now will bring in traffic to your website many months and perhaps years to come. And as you do more (of the right kind of) SEO, your results will compound itself.

Whereas doing PPC may bring in instant traffic, and we do recommend it while doing SEO if you have the budget and it makes business sense, but once you cut off the PPC budget, the traffic will stop. Whereas organic traffic will not stop flowing as a result of SEO done months ago, unless major Google updates or ranking drops happen – and even so, there are multiple ways to mitigate the impact of such things happening.

Do you use white hat or black hat SEO techniques to rank client sites?

We do everything necessary and possible to improve your website’s keyword rankings, and do so while (1) not getting your website penalised by Google and (2) not breaking any country’s laws.

What we do in the on-site and on-page aspects of SEO are strictly white hat – no keyword stuffing, no shady manipulation of internal link juice, only proper content siloing and content optimisation by ensuring each content piece serves a useful purpose.

We perform off-site SEO, or link building, safely by connecting with relevant websites to link to our client sites in relevant pieces of content.

Have Any Questions?

Book a 30 minutes discovery call or submit a question to us

Connect with one of our experts to work out a strategy for your business. Our 30 minutes strategy session is free, of no obligations and held over Zoom. Get to discover:

  • Tell us about your project
  • We do a quick analysis of your market
  • We evaluate SEO impact and returns
  • You get an non-obligated estimated cost