What to Look for in an SEO Consultant in Singapore


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. It allows online users to find the brands, businesses, and organizations they need at the click of the button. SEO is an efficient way to attract markets without paying large sums of advertising money. Without SEO, brands and businesses will find it difficult to make their web presence known to present and prospective clients. To do SEO, you need to hire an SEO consultant.

What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is a person who specializes in the technical aspect of online searches. What they do is work with various systems available to put you on the top of the search results page – and the minds of consumers. They differ from SEO copywriters, who write content to help make your website or blog searchable. SEO consultants and SEO copywriters work hand-in-hand to improve your online ranking.

What traits does an SEO Consultant need to have?

An SEO consultant or a team of SEO consultants need to have formidable experience and expertise. Not only should they be updated on the latest trends, but also knowledge based on working with different clients and industries. To know about an SEO agency’s experience, browse their portfolio on their website. Look if they’ve worked with clients in your industry. If they haven’t they should be highly adaptable to respond to your needs.

Another really important thing to look for is customer service. Customer service is one of the things that we take pride in here at NightOwl. We begin each consultation with a one-on-one session either personally or via Skype.

Our team also possesses online marketing knowledge beyond SEO techniques. Hence, given the right budget, we can even help you strategize your online business and set up your lead generation funnel. What we offer is not just SEO expertise, but online marketing expertise. That’s something not all SEO companies or consultants in Singapore can offer.

How do you know that an SEO Consultant is worth my time?

Take a look at their portfolio and pricing pages. Their portfolio should not only contain the industries and clients they worked with. The portfolio should also contain case studies on how they helped brands and enterprises literally rise from the bottom of the ranks. Success is indicative of their ability to turn your website’s ranks higher. Testimonials and user reviews are also very helpful.

Their pricing page should contain all the information you need about the costs of SEO services. Transparency is key. Brands and businesses are just beginning to scratch the surface of SEO and what good it can do for the company. Prospective clients like you need to know as much as you can about SEO as it is relatively new to you, unlike traditional sales and marketing methods. The right SEO company displays transparency. Rates should also be within the industry standards.

SEO Consultant in Singapore

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