Search Intent in Keyword Research for SEO


The goal of ranking high in the digital marketing scene is a result of careful and intelligent SEO that involves close study and analysis of the best keywords to add to your website content. When working with SEO services in Singaporea crucial part of keyword research is also looking into the search intent.

To define, search intent is the purpose users have when searching for a topic. In this article, we’ll look into how studying this maximizes the results of your SEO.

Base Your Content on Search Intent Type

To increase your website’s ability to rank and get people to check out your products, browse through more of your website, and eventually buy your products and services, you first have to identify the user’s type of search intent.

Four Types of Search Intent

  • Informational Intent

When a person wants to look for answers to a specific question or wishes to learn more about a topic, that is informational intent. Popular search engines like Google or Bing can tell what form of search results people are looking for. For example, when people are typing in “stew” Google would know they are looking for the process of making stew, and maybe not for its origins.

  • Navigational Intent

This type of search intent is what people do when they want to visit a website. An example of this would be searching for through Google.

  • Transactional Intent

Whenever people wish to purchase something, they show this type of intent. People would usually search for an online store this way.

  • Commercial Investigation

Whenever people want to research a product or service they might want to buy in the future, they have this kind of intent.

Finding out which of these four is the search intent of your target customer provides direction for your keyword research.

How to Optimize Your Content for Search Intent

To fully utilize optimization with the proper search intent in mind, here are tips you can apply to your content.

  1. See the trends of search intent in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

You will first need to see how consistently your focus keyword is performing. To get a clear view of how certain keywords are performing in the SERPs, you’ll need to see which ones have a high or low search volume for some time (the past six months is a good reference period). There are many free keyword explorer plugins and apps you can download to track these. These apps will produce a summary graph of search volume for any keyword you might be looking to focus on.

Getting this summary of trends helps you find out what keywords are not too high or too low in search volume. You want to be choosing keywords that fit the search intent with just the right amount of search volume.

  • Survey your audience.

A simple way SEO services in Singapore can get insight is by asking the target customers for their opinions on their usual search intent. A survey for small or large samples can benefit your website. The survey can contain questions about what people usually search for. You can even make the survey an option that pops up to visitors to your website.

  • Refine your target keywords.

The two methods mentioned above are helpful to learn the trending search intent and design your website’s keywords accordingly. But if you want to be extra thorough on a target keyword, you can also try out the following ways to refine your target keyword:       

  • Look at the “People also ask” box in the SERPs

Google’s “People also ask,” box tells you what questions searchers also tend to ask. These are pretty much free handouts from Google to help you close in on people’s purpose for searching.

  • Refer to top-ranking pages

Visiting the top-ranking pages for your target keywords is the best way to get a good insight into your audience’s search intent. These pages have already established their optimization. Learning pointers or patterns from their content will help you get a tried and true way to learn how you can best improve your website content.


Knowing your audience’s search intent is a strong factor in contributing to increasing organic traffic and the use of your website’s products and services. Taking the time to learn what your customers are often searching for and for what purpose makes your brand stand out from the rest.

With enough research and determination from the SEO team, the top rank is for your website’s taking.

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