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F&B Industry – BBQ eCommerce Giant

Conquering Rank 1 within 8 months of SEO campaign and driving 6 digits of yearly web visitors in 12 Months.

Campaign Objective

This catering company offers a range of catering services, from bbq catering services for families to high end catering services for large scale events by companies. The campaign objective is to increase visibility on the search results and increase sales via SEO. The goal is to dominate the industry for BBQ and food catering keywords, from being on Page 4 to 6 of Google search results, to the Top 3 rankings on Page 1.

Issues Holding The Website Back

- Toxic backlinks from past lacklustre SEO work
- Inconsistent SEO maintenance
- Poor onsite SEO

Course Of Action

The number of users searching for BBQ catering companies was more than 10,000 every month. By being in the top 3, it would drive approximately 25% of clickthroughs, amounting to an average of 2,500 visitors to their website monthly. Knowing the potential of a top 3 ranking on search, we designed a highly customised and intense SEO strategy to be ranked top 3 within 12 months.

We first upgraded their website from an out-of-date customised eCommerce platform to the more robust and SEO-friendly Shopify platform. We worked with the client in picking the right target keywords that has the best relevancy, volume and search intent for driving web visitors that are potential for conversions. We further optimised their product categories, descriptions, URL slugs and sitemap to maximise Google crawling.

While they worked on their creative product packaging, we ensured that their packages, products and various types of catering services have keywords that are of sufficient volume to drive traffic and sales. We then did an audit of their historical backlink profile and filtered out backlinks that needed to be removed or disavowed in Google Search Console. This was done simultaneously with a powerful link outreach campaign.

We launched a targeted and organic link building strategy from relevant websites with relevant and natural anchor text distribution profiles. We developed SEO pyramids combined with High Authority Guest Posts Of DA40+. For those historical toxic links that cannot be remove, we built a larger quantity of relevant quality links that mitigate and dilute the negative effects. Negative SEO attacks from competitors were as well mitigated and managed with ongoing link building efforts.

After attaining tremendous results within 1 year into the SEO campaign, consistent maintenance and on-site updates and regular organic link building ensured their rankings stayed up and continued to grow.

Breakthroughs We Achieved

Within the first 3 months, the site is ranked Page 1 for one of the high volume and high value keywords. By the 6th month, we shot up from Page 5 to the Top 5 Ranking of Page 1 for close variations of the same keywords as well in the bbq and food catering industry. By the 8th month, we conquered Rank 1, driving 6 digits of annual web visitors. As a cumulative result of the SEO campaign, the business revenue grew tenfold within the course of a year, with a majority coming in from Organic traffic, as measured by Google Analytics. Staffing is expanded to handle the drastic increased customer orders.

They further supplemented their marketing with an SEM campaign on Google Ads that drove an additional 20% to their online revenue.

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