Bridal Studio SEO (10X Organic Web Traffic & 50+ Monthly Leads In 11 Months)


Campaign Length

The top 5 rank in Google was achieved in 6 months, with the Rank 1 attained in 11 months of SEO.


Monthly Budget

The campaign was conducted in 2015 to 2019 with a SEO budget of $1,300 per month



Rank #1 in Singapore for Wedding Gown Rental, driving more than 500 form enquiries in 12 months.

Client Background

Before Working With Us

The client is a small bridal shop in the area that rents out wedding dresses and does wedding photos. While they had been in the business for a long time, digital marketing was new in 2015:

  • They didn’t zero presence online. They had a website, but it was simple and didn’t have much information about their services.
  • 95% of the business relied on road shows and word-of-mouth from customers.
  • Even though these methods brought in people, they required a lot of work, were tiring and couldn’t be used in the long run.
  • Because of how the bridal business works, most customers don’t come back, so you have to keep looking for new ones.
  • In an era when social media was still new to many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the area, the client didn’t know much about how to use online platforms for marketing and SEO.

The Behind The Scenes Work

Formulating Our SEO Game

Digitization Plans

Since the client was new to digital marketing, the first thing to do was to teach them how it works, from the different platforms to the pros and cons of each channel. SEO is best for long-term marketing, while ads are better for getting quick results in the short run.

Since the client has enough leads for the short term, they want to switch from an offline business to an online one where the leads come from. So, we chose to move forward with SEO.

SEO Keyword Research:

Our study showed that every month, more than 3,000 couples were looking for wedding dress rentals and wedding photographers. Getting the top spot on Google could bring in 20% of these searches, which would mean around 600 more website views. We expected a 7% conversion rate from a well-optimized website, which would mean 30–40 new leads each month.

keyword research for wedding gown rental

SEO Audit:

SEO Audit: A detailed look at their current website showed that there were many things that needed to be fixed:

  • Low Domain Authority: Because the site had never been optimised for SEO before, Google didn’t trust it. To compete well in the market, we have to build up backlinks of DA30+ and above, to level up its authority score.
  • Medium Competition: On the bright side, the level of SEO competition was medium, with the average Domain Authority score of the top domains at DA25. With a targeted SEO approach, it was possible to get a similar score in six to eight months.
  • Poorly Optimised Contents: The website wasn’t optimised and didn’t have enough content, which is a key part of getting higher search engine results. Our plan was to add a lot of information to different pages, with the goal of having at least 800 words on the homepage and key service pages. 

By fixing these problems, it was possibly to attain a top 5 ranking on Google in 8 months of less. And if that could drive us 40 to 60 quality leads a month, the client probably need not attend their roadshows anymore.

Results of Our Campaign

After Working With Us

Once our SEO agency was engaged in 2015, the plan for the client was meticulously crafted:

  • Enhance Homepages: Our development team revamped the homepages for improved user experience.
  • Expand the Website: We expanded the website, ensuring each service had a standalone page filled with at least 1,000 words of engaging content.
  • Optimize Headers: Headers were optimized and properly structured within the site for enhanced SEO performance.
  • Consistent Blog Posts: In collaboration with the client, we published SEO-optimized blog posts alternatively, totaling 12 to 15 new articles monthly, each exceeding 800 words.
  • Build Backlinks: Monthly backlink building with a minimum Domain Authority (DA) of 30+ was executed to enhance site authority.
wedding seo results by nightowl seo agency

The Results? Rank 1 For Wedding Gown Rental And 50 Leads Monthly:

  • Top 5 Rank in Six Months: The keyword “bridal gown rental Singapore” achieved a top 5 position on Google faster than anticipated.
  • Rank 1 in Eleven Months: The top rank was secured in 11 months, increasing leads from 30+ a month to 50+ in the second year.
  • Significant Shift Online: The client transitioned from attending roadshows to receiving 95% of their leads online, maximizing in-house efficiency.
  • Expansion to New Keywords: By year three, top 3 ranks in Singapore for pre-wedding photoshoot and photography keywords were also attained.
  • Traffic Boost: Website traffic soared by over 1000%, from less than 300 to 3000 visits monthly within 1.5 years.

The client’s annual revenue jumped from six to seven digits, marking a significant financial growth, while the campaign was renewed till 2019, where unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to pause our efforts.

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