PSLE Tuition Center SEO (Doubling The Number Of Centers In 4 Years)


Campaign Length

The top 3 ranks in Google was achieved in 10 months, with the Rank 1 attained in 18 months of SEO.


Monthly Budget

The campaign was conducted in 2018 to 2023 with a SEO budget of $1,900 per month



Rank #1 on Google for PSLE, Primary Math & Science, expanded from 3 to 6 tuition centers across Singapore

Client Background

Before Working With Us

The customer is a local tuition agency with three separate neighbourhood branches in Singapore. We met them in 2018 through an engagement with the Singapore Productivity Center.

  • Even though they had a website, they were almost invisible in Google. This made it hard for potential clients to find them in Google.
  • Google had trouble indexing the client’s website because it was built on the Wix platform. This made SEO efforts much less effective.
  • Everyone knew that ranking at the top of the search engine was a gold mine for tuition agencies, but it is so competitive that it is hard to find an experienced SEO agency who is good enough to compete with some of the best SEO players in Singapore.
  • They were running Google ads, which was somewhat successful but the marketing cost-per-click was expensive.

The Behind The Scenes Work

The SEO Battlefield

SEO Keyword Research:

Our in-depth local SEO research showed that over 10,000 parents in Singapore are constantly looking for tutors for their kids every month. Ranking in the top 3 for these searches represents a golden opportunity to tap into this high demand, potentially driving thousands of new visitors to the client’s site and significantly increasing their customer base.

tuition singapore seo research

This explains why the SEO competition is extremely fierce in this industry – the potential for growth and profitability through effective SEO is immense.

SEO Audit:

Our detailed SEO audit revealed significant issues, mainly attributed to the client’s use of Wix for their website platform. Based on our decade of experience, Wix has consistently underperformed in achieving high Google rankings.

  • Issue With Wix: While Wix provided various SEO options in their backend, it was not sufficient enough to perform a highly aggressive and custom SEO strategy.
  • Poorly Optimised Contents: Pages were not well optimised for their meta-titles and descriptions. In additional, the spread between the H1, H2 and H3 titles were not ideal for on-page.
  • Content Lacks Depth And Word Count: A glaring issue was the lack of substantial content on the client’s web pages, when put to comparison with competing pages. Competitors were writing 4,000+ words per page on average.
  • Low Domain Authority: The domain lacks authority, given that the Client has not done SEO before. As such, it was natural that they had little backlinks compared to their competitors.
  • Strong Competition: Competition were strong. The average site authority of the competitors on page one was DA30. The Client has to be ready to invest and play the long game.

Results of Our Campaign

After Working With Us

Once our SEO agency was engaged in August 2018, the plan for the tuition center was direct and effective:

  • From Wix To WordPress: The first step in our strategy was to move the client’s website to WordPress, globally recognized for its SEO-friendly features.
  • Content Clustering Strategy: During the website revamp, dedicated service pages for different content clusters, such as PSLE Tuition, Primary Math Tuition, and Primary Science Tuition, were established.
  • Doubling Content Quality & Depth: We doubled the length of all pages, enhancing the quality and depth of the content to match top-ranking competitors.
  • Incorporating Additional Page Elements: Additional page elements, such as FAQs, were incorporated, and the best on-page SEO practices were diligently applied to every page.
  • 4 Web Articles Monthly: To improve the site’s SEO even more, we put out four web articles per month.
  • Aggressive Backlinking: Lastly we started a strong backlinking effort monthly.

The Results? Rank 1 For Tuition Centre:

  • Top 3 Ranks In 10 Months: In just 10 months, specific tuition center keywords ascended to the top 3 rankings, paving the way for dominance in other keyword categories.
  • Rank 1 In 18 Months: Over the next eight months, the site achieved the number 1 rank for crucial keywords like ‘PSLE,’ ‘Primary Math,’ and ‘Primary Science.’
  • 5x Reduced Ad Spend: With increased organic traffic and leads, the client could significantly cut down their advertising expenses.
  • Eliminating High CPCs: The cost per click was $8 per click. The 3,000+ monthly organic traffic we drove via SEO potentially costs $16,000 per month with SEM compared to our monthly SEO investment

The tuition center experienced a boost in student enrollments, and has since expanded from 3 to 6 locations across Singapore, becoming one of the market leaders in this field.

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