Team Building SEO (Driving More Than 30,000 Organic Traffic Per Year)


Campaign Length

International And Enterprise SEO campaign conducted for Singapore and Malaysia For 2 Years


Monthly Budget

The campaign budget went through a few revisions as we scale at an average of $1500 monthly



From unfound to Rank Top 3, driving more than a 12X ROI, with more than 50 leads every month.

Client Background

Before Working With Us

The client is a corporate team building company in Singapore for many years, actively running team building events, corporate retreats for local companies and MNCs.

  • Most of their business, or 99%, came from their participation in BNI networking events and from users who told others about them.
  • They spent long hours networking.
  • They are not familiar with technical things like website development, SEM, and SEO.
  • Their website didn’t do a good job of showing what they did, and it was hard to get information from a web vendor who wasn’t very responsive.
  • They had bad experiences with marketing vendors who failed to reliable deliver consistent results.

But after talking to a few friends who were happy clients of ours, they chose to work with us to see what SEO could do for them.

The Behind The Scenes Work

Planning A Local SEO Campaign

Keyword Research:

Our findings reveal that over 5000 companies actively search for team building services in Singapore. By attaining a top-three ranking, we could potentially attract an additional 1,200 monthly visitors, or more than 10,000 per year. Every 100 visitors could generate five inquiries, indicating the client could see an increase of 50+ inquiries per month, or over 500 per year. 

These numbers would be transformative for a company of the client’s size, particularly when compared to the limited leads generated by their offline networking efforts. In addition, achieving these SEO results could significantly reduce their need for laborious networking.

SEO Audit:

A comprehensive SEO audit of the client’s website revealed several crucial issues:

  • Zero Trust & Authority With Google: The website had essentially no trust or authority with Google, indicating its inexperience in SEO.
  • Intense Level Of SEO Competition: The level of competition was intense. As a result of the obvious potential of the SEO market in this industry, numerous competitors have secured skilled SEO vendors and made substantial investments to protect and accomplish those coveted top three rankings. This competitive environment necessitated an arduous battle for a new website beginning from scratch.
  • Badly Designed & Optimised Website That Needed A Revamp: The website’s existing optimisation was inadequate. It lacked compliance with many of Google’s algorithmic requirements, such as optimised header tags, distinct service pages for each offering, and content depth. Furthermore, essential features such as FAQs were absent. Essentially, a comprehensive revision was required.

Considering the obstacles and the client’s limited budget, our SEO agency confronted a formidable undertaking.

Results of Our Campaign

After Working With Us

Upon our engagement in 2016, we mapped out a 3-phase SEO strategy over 3 years for the Team Titans:

  • Phase 1: Target Low-Hanging Fruits: Focus on long-tailed, low competition keywords to secure rank 1 positions, aiming to drive around 100 visitors monthly. Additionally, a website revamp with sharp copywriting optimized for SEO to boost conversions and generate 10 to 15 leads monthly.
  • Phase 2: Scale Up & Tackle Giants: With a stronger financial foundation, allocate a more substantial budget to challenge established competitors who invest heavily in SEO.
  • Phase 3: Achieve Top Rankings: Aim to secure a position in Google’s top 5, unlocking a steady stream of around 50 leads monthly.
Our Execution Was Rigorous:
  • Strengthen Backlinks: Cultivate high-quality backlinks.
  • Optimize On-Site Elements: Ensure the website is fine-tuned for search engine performance.
  • Boost Local Presence: Fortify Google Business Maps with local citations.
  • Detail Services: Craft distinct pages for each service offering.
  • Expanded Content Depth: Ensure all pages had a minimum of 1500 words.
  • Commitment to Consistent Content: Publish four in-depth articles monthly.
team building seo

The Results? More Than A 12X Return Yearly And A Dominant Position in Singapore’s Teambuilding Scene:

  • Year 1: We met our target, achieving top 5 ranks for specific keywords such as “team building retreats” and “team building games for companies”.
  • Year 2-3: A dogged effort led to a top 5 position for the coveted term “teambuilding companies in Singapore” by the 2.5-year mark.
  • Year 4 and Beyond: Expansion into “virtual teambuilding” and “dinner and dance services”, achieving rank 1 for both.

This was possible as a result of strong synergy, partnership and commitment between both client and vendor

  • Ever-flowing Leads: No longer reliant on active networking, they passively receive 60 to 80 leads every month via SEO.
  • Top 3 In Singapore: Currently, they hold top 3 ranks in Singapore for team building companies and rank 2 for dinner and dance.
  • Increase ROI By 12X and Marketing Costs By 8X: While our budget increased, the return on investment is stellar, boasting over a 20X return annually. The equivalent ad traffic for 2000 web visitors would cost $20,000 monthly, proving SEO to be either times more cost-effective.

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