Laptop Repair Industry SEO (Rank 1 in Singapore, Expand To 4 Stores Islandwide)


Campaign Length

The page 1 of Google was achieved in 6 months, with the Rank 1 attained in 11 months of SEO.


Monthly Budget

The campaign was conducted in 2017 to 2022 with a SEO budget of $1,350 per month



Rank #1 on Google, expanded to 4 retail stores and ventured in the Gaming PC business.

Client Background

Before Working With Us

The client was a new business owner who opened his first store in Tai Seng, Singapore in 2016. The store was mostly about fixing laptops, computers, and MacBooks.

  • Even though the shop had just opened, it was almost impossible to find online.
  • The client tried to get more attention by running Google ads, but the costs were high and not many people clicked on them. Paying for clicks that didn’t lead to visits or even sales was a waste of money.
  • Since the client was new to the business, they didn’t have any reviews, which made it harder for potential customers to trust the services they gave.
  • A big scam case in Sim Lim Square in 2016 made people even more suspicious, which made it harder for new IT companies like the client to get business.

The Behind The Scenes Work

Formulating Our SEO Strategy

Comprehensive SEO Keyword Research

Our SEO company research showed that every month, about 8,000 people in Singapore search for terms related to laptop repair, MacBook repair, and PC repair.

If the client’s site ranked in the top three, it could get an extra 2,000 organic users each month. Given that the average cost per click was $3.00, it would cost $6,000 per month to get 2000 visitors through Google ads, not counting the cost of hiring people to help with the effort.

Potential To Lower Marketing Costs By 4 Times.

With an SEO budget of $1,350, reaching our goals would mean not only more traffic and sales, but also a four times decrease in the cost per visitor and the total marketing budget, which would save the client a lot of money..

pc repair seo research singapore

SEO Audit

Our detailed SEO audit identified the main issues that the website was having.

  • New Site: The website is fairly new, which means that it starts from scratch on page 10 of search results.
  • Poorly Optimised Site: The current website structure is not favourable to effective SEO. The site’s text and headers are not optimised, which makes it hard for search engines to find it.
  • Lack Of Pillar Pages: PC Repair, Laptop Repair, and MacBook Repair are all different keyword categories, so you need to make three separate, appropriate pillar pages for each one. Without this arrangement, the site’s SEO is even less effective.
  • Zero Domain Authority: The website has no domain authority, which means that no SEO work has been done on it in the past.
  • Lack Of Google Reviews: A lack of reviews could hurt local SEO on Google Maps, making it harder for potential customers in the area to find the business.

In conclusion, this campaign is just starting out and doesn’t have any SEO groundwork or exposure yet, which is a big challenge but also a big chance to improve and grow.

Results of Our Campaign

After Working With Us

After the client hired our SEO company in late 2017, the clear plan we made for them worked out perfectly.

  • On-Page SEO: The first step was to optimise the whole website by making sure that each page had the right number of H1, H2, and H3 headers.
  • Content Clustering: We grouped related terms and produced separate, optimised service pages for each category, resulting in dedicated laptop repair, MacBook repair, and PC repair pages of at least 3000 words long.
  • This is also known as content clustering, an advance SEO strategy.
  • Content Writing: Every month, two pieces of content were released to build authority and improve SEO rankings.
  • Local Citations: For a new business, we build local citations so that the client’s Google business image would be stronger.
  • Link Building: Our pages were the focus of a robust link-building strategy, which increased the influence of our site and moved us up in the rankings.

This SEO strategy yielded amazing outcomes.

  • Top 5 in 9 Months: The website reached Google’s top 5 in nine months.
  • Rank 1 in 11 Months: We achieved Google rank 1 in 15 months.
  • Dominate Top Spot: Since then, we have been dominating the industry for the past 5 years, renewing our campaign year after year.
  • Defensive Measures: While we have seen competitors pushing back, as shown in the image, we upgraded our SEO techniques, along the way to defend our top ranking.

With a top rank position and more than 200 over positive reviews, the client eventually expanded from 1 to 4 local retail stores in Singapore, and expanded their business operations into the Gaming PC niche in the last 5 years.

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