Bicycle Retailer SEO (From 2000 to 6000 monthly visitors)


Campaign Length

The total campaign length was 12 months. The results however, was achieved in 6 months.


Monthly Budget

The campaign was conducted in 2022 to 2023 with a SEO budget of $1,800 per month



Monthly organic traffic grew from an estimated of 2k visitors per month, to 6k visitors per month

Client Background

Before Working With Us

People in Singapore know the business as one of the best places to buy foldable bikes. They sell one of the most well-known types of foldable bikes, and each one costs between $3,000 to $6,000.

  • Although they had a local experience store and an online store, it was hard to find them online.
  • The client tried to improve SEO on its own, it did not get into the top three search results.
  • Most of their online exposure was on pages 2 and 3 of Google’s search results for foldable bikes.
  • While their team was good at social media, they didn’t know much about more technical things like making websites, SEM and SEO.

The Behind The Scenes Work

Debugging The SEO Issues

Local SEO Keyword Research

Our local SEO research showed that over 5000 Singaporeans search for foldable bikes monthly. A top 3 result might attract 20% of these queries, bringing 2000 more visitors to the client’s site. If 5 sales occurred for every 100 visitors, both local and online retailers could have a monthly sales increase of 100.

While the retailers’ ability to convert these visitors determines sales, local SEO’s potential for the business is definitely huge.

SEO Audit

Our SEO audit tells us that most of the optimisation problems on the website pages were in the headers.

  • Too Many H1 Titles: One of the most important SEO rule, which is that each page should only have one H1 title was broken
  • Poorly Optimised Headers: There were multiple H1 headers in every page of the site, which confused Google and caused its rankings to drop
  • Lack Of Structured Content & Content Depth: The website didn’t have structured content like FAQs. This put the website behind its rivals, who had homepages with more information that doubles their word count.
  • Low Domain Authority: Low domain authority and few backlinks made it even harder for the website to move up in the search results.

Results of Our Campaign

After Working With Us

Once our SEO agency was engaged in late 2022, the NightOwl plan was simple and straightforward:

  • Craft Content: Create four detailed articles each month, each over 1,500 words. Do this for six months.
  • Cluster Focus on Homepage: Make the homepage the pillar page for the keyword ‘foldable bicycles Singapore.’
  • Link the Articles: Connect all articles back to the homepage to build strength and authority.
  • Boost Backlinks: Get strong external sites (with a Domain Authority over 40) to link to their homepage.
  • Expand the Homepage: Add an FAQ section and more links to their blog content. This move doubled their homepage word count, helping them match their competitors.

The Results? Clear and quick:

  • Top Rank: In less than six months, the website moved up to rank 1.
  • Triple the Traffic: This higher rank tripled their web traffic.
  • Starting Advantage: The climb was faster as the website was initially on pages 2 to 3, not page 10.

So, our simple, clear-cut strategy helped them not only rank higher but also attract more visitors, paving the way for increased sales and growth in the foldable bicycle market in Singapore.

Mission accomplished!

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