Events SEO Case Study Rank #1 (Zero to More Than 80+ Leads Monthly)


Campaign Length

We took 6 months to move from Page 2 to Top 5, and 10 months to hit the Rank #1


Monthly Budget

The campaign was conducted between 2015 to 2018 with a SEO budget of $1,500 per month



Rank #1 for Events Company Singapore, driving more than 80+ business leads monthly

Client Background

Before Working With Us

The client is an events company in Singapore that specialises in event planning and management.

  • Events management is one of the most competitive SEO niches in Singapore, with a cost per click of $40.00 on Google Adwords.
  • The client previously hired a number of SEO companies, but they were unable to help the client achieve a page 1 ranking.
  • However, the client is aware that his competitors who are at the summit of SEO receive over 50+ leads per month.
  • Therefore, he still believes in SEO and wish to make a long-term investment, seeking out a competent individual to achieve page 1 results for him.

The Behind The Scenes Work

The SEO Strategy

Local Keyword Research:

We utilised a variety of resources to conduct market research. According to our research, there are over 5,000 monthly searches for event companies. A website ranked in the top three would receive approximately 1,000 organic visitors per month. That would equate to 50 to 80 prospective monthly inquiries.

Given that the magnitude per event is a five-digit number. Getting into the top three event companies in Singapore is definitely a lucrative endeavour! No wonder the SEO competitiveness is so high.

SEO Audit:

While the potential rewards from SEO are evident, the specifics of the client’s SEO issues needed to be addressed.

A deep dive into the client’s website highlighted several critical areas of concern.

  • Toxic Backlinks: The backlink profile of the client was littered with spammy, potentially harmful links. Such negative SEO tactics, possibly from competitors, were damaging their online reputation.
  • Suboptimal On-site SEO: The on-site elements were not optimized to their full potential, hampering the site’s performance.
  • Service Page Structure: The site’s current structure bundled all services onto one page. Google’s algorithm typically favors individual service pages with comprehensive content. Thus, there was a need to segregate various event services, like “Dinner and Dance,” into separate pages to align better with Google’s preferences.

Results of Our Campaign

After Working With Us

Our SEO agency was engaged between 2015-2018. In the first year, our strategy for the events company was methodical and efficient:

  • Revamp Website: Rework the website to incorporate distinct service pages for a more structured presentation.
  • Optimize Service Pages: Ensure each service page is enriched with optimized headers and meta tags, and has at least 1,000 words of quality content.
  • Purge Toxic Links: Systematically disavow harmful links stemming from prior misguided link-building efforts and competitor spam.
  • Quality Backlinks: Construct backlinks with a focus on DA30+ guest posts and a three-tiered backlink pyramid to amplify site authority.
  • Consistent Blogging: Publish two comprehensive articles monthly to further deepen content authority and provide readers with valuable insights.

The Results? Rank 1 for Events Company Singapore In 10 Months, Ushering More Than 80 Organic Leads Every Month

  • Breakthrough Rank: Within half a year, the website solidified its position in the top 5, leveraging the initial groundwork laid by previous vendors that had gotten them to pages 2 and 3.
  • Pinnacle Achievement: By the 10th month, the website triumphed with a rank 1 position for more than 50 keywords, exposing them to a traffic surge of over 10,000 monthly search visitors.

Consequently, the client’s business trajectory changed dramatically. There was no longer a need for any other form of marketing spent, nor business networking

With an influx of approximately 80+ event organic leads every month, their success didn’t go unnoticed. In the subsequent year 2016, their meteoric rise was spotlighted on Mediacorp and several other news stations.


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