Curtains SEO (From Page 2 Revive Back To Rank 1 Again With Us In 6 Months)


Campaign Length

12 months campaign, starting from Page 2, where we took 8 months to attain the top 3 ranking


Monthly Budget

The campaign was conducted in 2018 to 2022 with a SEO budget of $1,100 per month



Rank 1 for Curtains Singapore In 6 months. Business expanded with a bigger warehouse.

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Client Background

Before Working With Us

This business specialises in providing exquisitely designed curtains and blinds throughout Singapore. 

  • They aren’t very digitally savvy back in 2019
  • Back in 2015, they were pretty good at SEO, which brought them most of their leads. This was done by a friend as a freelance project.
  • However, their friend got too busy with his job, and SEO was eventually dropped, neglected. The #1 rankings they used to have was not maintained
  • With rising competition and changes in SEO algorithm changes, their rankings dropped to Page 2 and Page 3
  • Only 1% of searches go to pages 2 and 3. Because of this, their internet visibility has gone down, and their leads dropped sharply.

Hence they were looking for a vendor to re-start SEO attempts.

The Behind The Scenes Work

Our SEO Analysis

SEO Keyword Research:

Using Google Keyword Planner, we looked into local SEO and found that more than 3,000 people search for the client’s chosen keywords every month. Getting into the top three results could bring between 700 and 1000 more people to the client’s site every month.

If 50 to 60 requests were made for every 1000 visitors, it could be a big deal for their business. With this knowledge, it was clear that a good SEO investment and plan could bring in a revenue for a business.

tuition singapore seo research

SEO Audit:

Our detailed SEO audit unearthed several critical issues. The site was grappling with poor technical structure, not adapted to the modern SEO standards set by Google’s algorithm updates.

  • Lack Of Single Service Pages: Google’s updated algorithm prefers each service to have its individual page. The client’s different curtains and blinds offerings were all clustered on one page, a structure that was harming their SEO rank.
  • Poor Content Depth: Inadequate content depth was another significant issue. With an average of only 200 to 300 words per page, the client’s website fell short of the 800+ words standard required from the latest algorithm changes, negatively impacting their SEO and search rankings.
  • High Toxicity Backlink Score: From our link analysis, a high toxicity score was detected. This was attributed to outdated backlinking strategies, now viewed as toxic and low-quality by Google’s standards, further pulling down the site’s ranking.

Why Did Their Rank #1 In 2015 Disappeared?

The above three key issues were the culprits behind the sharp drop in their SEO rankings, resulting from a lack of maintenance and updates in alignment with Google’s changing algorithms.

The direct consequence was a noticeable decline in business (Drop in 80% of monthly leads), underscoring the need for immediate and informed intervention.

This could have been averted if they had engage a professional SEO agency in Singapore to maintain their SEO and keep their efforts up to date with algorithm. It had cost them 6 digits of business opportunities.

Results of Our Campaign

After Working With Us

Once our SEO agency was engaged, the plan for the client was clear and straightforward:

  • Craft Content: Build out all single service pages, each optimized with over 1,000 words, aligning the various keywords with the client’s different services.
  • Optimize Meta Tags: Enhance meta tags, titles, and headers for optimal performance.
  • Boost Backlinks: Develop relevant and trustworthy organic backlinks to the site to grow their authority score.
  • Backlink Audit: Conduct a comprehensive backlink audit and disavow toxic links by submitting them to Google Search Console, aligning the website with the latest Google algorithm.

Overall, because their website used to be a Rank 1, they already had a high degree of established authority with Google. By doing the things listed above, the website is now in line with the latest Google Algorithm changes.

The Results? Swift Climb To The Top 3

  • Top 3 Ranking in 6 Months: In just six months, the client’s website surged to the top 3 on Google.
  • 250% Traffic Increase: This higher rank led to a 250% spike in web traffic, bringing in a torrent of new inquiries.
  • Quick Progress: Because the website previously held a Rank 1, the climb was expedited due to the already established authority with Google.

This influx necessitated an expansion in manpower and a move to a larger warehouse space for showcasing their extensive range of curtains, blinds, and home accessories, within just 12 months of our engagement.

To conclude, this case study highlights the importance to maintaining your rankings even though you are on the top 3, because algorithm changes are frequent, and your competitors are trying to beat you.

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