BBQ SEO Case Study (Becoming The Industry Leader In Singapore)


Campaign Length

We attained the top 3 ranks in 6 months, secured the Rank 1 and 10x their web traffic in 12 months.


Monthly Budget

The campaign was conducted in 2014 to 2023 with a SEO budget of $1,800 per month



Rank #1 In BBQ Industry, from a small startup in 2014, to the biggest BBQ catering provider in Singapore


Client Background

Before Working With Us

The client is a BBQ caterer in Singapore who has been in business for many years. We met them through a friend in 2013, when we were first starting out in the SEO field.

  • Even though they had a small local reputation and a website that had been around for a decade, they had almost no online presence.
  • The client had engaged a SEO vendor previously but the campaign failed, which made them skeptical.
  • Most of their online presence was almost nonexistent, which made it hard for people looking for BBQ food services to find them online.
  • Because they didn’t know much about digital marketing, SEM, and SEO, most of their sales came from networking events and recommendations from current customers.

The Behind The Scenes Work

Strategizing How We Can Become The Industry Leader In BBQ Niche

Our Very First Client In 2014

(P.S. this is a true story about how we got our first client as an SEO company.)

We had dinner and spent a night strategizing our marketing with Daniel, the client. Even though his previous SEO strategy with another vendor failed, he was firm that digitalization was nevertheless important for his business and wanted to invest in a long-term plan, not a short-term one. He knew that one day, everyone would look for BBQ online instead of asking a friend where to go.

So, we made a plan for how to become number one on Google within two years for every keyword on the market by using different SEO tools.

SEO Keyword Research:

Our local SEO study showed that people are searching for BBQ online more and more. Over 10,000+ people were looking for BBQ choices online, which was twice as many as a year ago. Getting to the top spot could bring in an extra 3,000 people every month. Using our research to turn every 100 visitors into 10 requests for a 50-person BBQ catering could bring in high five-figure returns every month. 

The potential at the top of Google was clear. This was a campaign that could bring at least a 10X ROI, if we are successful in our execution.

SEO Audit:

SEO Audit: In the website audit, several critical issues came to the fore:

  • Website Age and Need for Updates: The ten-year-old website was out of date and needed a complete makeover. It was important to switch to a current platform like Shopify so that SEO could be set up more easily and other needed changes could be made.
  • 10 Years Credible Domain Strength: Despite its age, the website enjoyed a credible standing in Google’s view, thanks to its 10-year domain history. This presented a solid foundation to build upon.
  • Challenges in SEO Optimisation: However, the age and structure of the site were big problems for SEO optimisation. These may have been problems that the former vendor had to deal with.
  • Domain Authority Gap: The current domain authority (DA15) was good but not as good as the top competitors (around DA30+). This gap wasn’t impossible to close with bold and well-planned SEO efforts.
  • Toxic Links: Our SEO software picked up a high link toxicity for the website. This means that there were plenty of low quality unfriendly websites that were hyperlinking to the client’s website, diminishing their site quality score. 

Results of Our Campaign

After Working With Us

With Daniel’s commitment to significant investment for 1 year to build a long-term robust online presence, we could do a web overhaul, plus an aggressive backlinking strategy. 

We rolled out our game plan with the Client in early 2014

  • Website Upgrade: Firstly, we performed a transition from an outdated e-commerce platform to the more advanced, SEO-friendly Shopify.
  • Optimization: Next, we enhanced product categories, pages, descriptions, URL slugs, and sitemaps for optimum Google crawling. Insert key phrases and expand content length to over 800 words on packages, products, and catering services pages to propel search engine indexing.
  • Backlink Audit: Importantly, we evaluated the historical backlink profile, eliminating or disavowing detrimental backlinks in Google Search Console.
  • Powerful Link Outreach: We further launch an aggressive link building campaign to develop SEO pyramids coupled with High Authority Guest Posts of DA40+, and counteract historical toxic links with a surge of relevant, quality links to mitigate their impact.
  • Defensive Strategies: Lastly, we safeguard against negative SEO attacks from competitors with ongoing link-building efforts.
seo for bbq industry rank 1
bbq traffic rank growth for seo

A Breakthrough In Business Performance

  • Breakthrough to Page 1: Within the initial four months, the website leaped from Page 3 to Page 1 for the high-traffic keyword “BBQ Singapore.”
  • Top 5 Ranking: By the 6th month, Daniel’s BBQ was amongst the top 5.
  • Conquering Rank 1: Achieved the top spot by the 8th month, drawing six digits of annual web visitors in the following 12 months.
  • Revenue and Traffic Surge: Business revenue rocketed from 6 to 7 digits a year post-campaign, with a tenfold web traffic increase, leading to a flood of in-house orders.
  • Expansion: The immense traffic and revenue growth enabled business expansion in years 2 and 3, necessitating increased headcount and larger kitchen and office spaces.
  • Becoming the Industry Leader: The business ascended to the number 1 BBQ catering company in Singapore, providing a springboard for further expansion into related niches.

In essence, our comprehensive, detailed strategy not only catapulted them to the top rank but also massively amplified their traffic and revenue, solidifying their reign as the leading BBQ catering company in Singapore. 

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