Helping A Team Building Company Boosts Their Organic Traffic By 500%

In a span of 1 year of SEO campaign, we conquered the top 10 rankings for 13 keywords that generates more than 10,000 search visitors a month.


Campaign Objective

This bridal and wedding site specialises in providing gown rentals, wedding packages, wedding photography, and wedding planning services. The main goal of the campaign is to increase revenue generated from SEO by increasing their online presence in Google Search and generating a steady stream of enquiries monthly.

Issues Holding The Website Back

  • Low domain authority due to insufficient backlinks built
  • Insufficient content on their website
  • Weak technical SEO fundamentals

Course of Action

Realising the benefits of a top 3 ranking on search, we worked hand in hand with DreamWedding on a year-by-year digital roadmap with SEO to sustain organic lead generation.

Like every new project, we conducted keyword analysis and determined which keywords will drive the highest value for returns. Most keywords that we selected were unranked in the beginning as the website itself had a low domain authority.

We then looked into the structure of the website, and made adjustments to ensure the SEO fundamentals were set in place. To increase the domain authority of the website, we focused on building trustworthy and relevant links. At the same time, we created a link building strategy to target high search volume keywords such as “wedding planner” and “wedding photography”.

Working hand in hand with the client, we set out to have a blog post published with internal linking done on a daily basis for the first few months. Coupled with our link building strategy, this move greatly increases the content relevancy on the website and steady improvements in rankings were observed.


Breakthroughs Achieved

Within 6 months, we hit the top 3 ranking for Wedding & Bridal Gown Rental. In a span of 1 year, we conquered the top 10 rankings for 13 keywords that generates more than 10,000 search visitors a month.

With the help of our sister company, Ambient, we built a new customised website that is both conversion optimised and design aligned with their brand story. The website successfully converts (visitors to enquiries) at an average 5% to 6%, effectively doubling the previous lead generation numbers.

In a span of 3 years, we conquered other sub-niches of Wedding such as Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Wedding Planner and Wedding Photography, where we have in total 150 over keywords in the top 3. The ongoing campaign successfully drove 6 digits of online visitors annually to their site, with more than 600% increase in online traffic, helping the business breakthrough in their annual revenue and expanding their physical boutique.


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