One Huge Reason Why Every Business Needs a Blog

There is a reason why every big corporation has a blog or external site where they explain about their business. Some companies even run more than one with a dedicated team. And the reason is to rank higher via Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your blog is one place where you can put articles to explain […]

If you have S$1000, should you invest in SEM or SEO services?

1. Understanding SEM and SEO In the world of digital marketing, two prominent strategies stand out in Google Search: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the dilemmas face by local Singapore customers in engaging digital marketing services, is choosing between the 2, Before delving into the budget considerations and the […]

Negative SEO is a Reality And How Can You Protect Yourself Against It

1. What’s Negative SEO? Now here’s something most SEO agencies don’t like to talk about – how real negative SEO actually is. It’s like those ‘reverse polarity’ tropes you see in lazily written sci-fi movies where the writer doesn’t bother to do proper scientific research to lend realism to their science fiction. It’s shady and […]