What You Should Know Before Considering SEO Services

Posted by Miss Ria on 23/04/2019

Now that your business is moving into its next phase, it is time to consider other marketing channels that can help improve your revenue. Having presence on the internet is always a good strategy considering the millions of people that you are able to reach out to. However, the internet is a vast and limitless avenue and many people are still unsure on how to go about starting to build a presence online. Depending on where you are from, Google is considered a popular search tool which many people utilise to get information on what they need or want. How will you as a business go about taking advantage of that?

Types of SEO Assistance

Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy that many businesses today use to take advantage of the millions of people that are searching across Google. However, not everyone can be an SEO specialist overnight as it takes time to understand on know how it can benefit your business. There are many SEO agencies or specialist out there in Singapore that are able to help a business achieve its goals. When there is demand for a service there will definitely be many people who will take advantage of that and sometimes a business may end up with an SEO agency that can make or break a business. So it is important to screen through and choose the right agency for your business. Here are the few different types of providers you can expect to see in the market.

  • Individual SEO Consultants - Freelancers who provide SEO services as an individual

  • SEO Agency Specialist - These are companies who are focused only on providing SEO services

  • In-House SEO Team - An SEO team or individual that works within a Digital Marketing company.

With this information you can fairly understand which kind of companies you are more comfortable working with as each types have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are also a lot of variations to these different types of SEO service providers. But as a basic understanding, most effective SEO strategy will not be cheap. If you are on a smaller budget, you may end up with an agency who just provides sub-par work which may hurt your website in the long run.

Improving Your Search Rankings

When you are considering implementing this strategy into your business, you must first understand that this does not happen overnight and it takes some effort to reach the top. Imagine a mountain, and you are starting at the bottom so this means SEO efforts are climbing the mountain. SEO service providers will provide the path and tools that will help you reach the top more efficiently. To know whether you have a good agency that is working on your SEO strategy is that they work together with you by having a realistic goal and a good process as a guide.

Who Have They Worked With

It is important to know who these SEO Agencies have worked with and if they are able to share that with you it is better. This is because you will be able to gauge their success rate and work quality based on their past clients. As a customer it is important to find all this information. Most successful SEO agencies will always showcase their clients case studies and if you come across one that does not and unwilling to, you may want to steer clear from them.

The Tools They Use

As an SEO service provider, there are certain tools which they use to assist them with building your SEO strategy. When talking about tools it particularly describes certain applications that are used to assist on SEO. These tools allows the SEO agency to generate or process a large number of information within a short period of time and this is important because of the nature of the process of SEO.

  1. Reporting - This will be important because the reports will be viewed by you.

  2. Link Building - Creation of thousands of links to link to the website that is running the SEO campaign

  3. Technical - Depending on how the SEO agency's process is, the technical tools used may be different

  4. Research - Tools used for keyword research or any research in particular

By further understanding the type of tools that are used, you will be able to have a process that is clear and straight forward. This is just a basic understanding into what to look for when looking for an SEO service provider. The risk is there as there are many agencies which do not provide quality work. However, once you have found the right one, the rewards will be endless. So take your time in searching for the right agency and you will soon be able to have continuous online presence and exposure.


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