What is Negative SEO and Why Your Business Needs to be Careful

Posted by Miss Ria on 01/04/2019
SEO is a rewarding marketing tool, that if used correctly, will help empower your business to the next level. It’s the core reason why there are thousands of businesses searching for SEO services in Singapore consistently every month. However, as easy as it sound in the brochures  and digital decks you’ll get from enquiring SEO services in Singapore, SEO is not what it used to be compared to three years ago. Trying to get ranked top in Google search is competitive as more people or businesses are eyeing for the top spot.

A decade ago, BlackHat SEO is what you’ll hear when someone get ranked in top spot in short span of time. This was possible due to how SEO operate. In the long term however, it causes more pain than benefit to the businesses that use this method. Still it doesn’t stop some businesses from taking the shortcut for the short boost in the ranking without knowing the risks. However, thanks to Google smart algorithm, this has changed. Blackhat SEO is easily detectable and Google is known to quickly penalise your site depending how severe you are in the Blackhat SEO level.

A new type of SEO has emerged due to the past few Google updates that has made Blackhat SEO harder to execute. This new type of SEO is called Negative SEO and it can affect your business if you’re serious in building a brand that can leave a lasting impression. Negative SEO is the practice of using unorthodox methods that is illegal to ruin your brand and digital presence online. Typically, your competitors will use this method to destroy your ranking in Google search. Negative SEO comes in different forms and method, among them:

  • Engaging a hacker to hack into your website and inserting malware. This will get Google to detect your malware and warn other visitors about your page.

  • Buying a lot of spam links from third party providers and link them to your site. These can be in the form of backlink from porn sites, gambling sites or hacking sites that are unethical in the eyes of Google.

  • Copying your contents to other unworthy sites, tricking Google to think that your content is no longer unique and illegal. Google will then punish your site by blacklisting your site or a huge drop in ranking.

  • Opening up fake social media profiles and try to confuse your visitors as well as Google by trying to ruin your reputation. Remember, Google view reviews as one of the key performance indicators to rank your site.

As you can imagine, the consequences of getting targeted for Negative SEO can leave a huge impact on your business. This is especially if your business is an E-Commerce business that rely heavily on online traffic. As a business, you should be careful and always check with your SEO team or agencies. Ask for their plan if you believe you are targeted by your competitors for negative SEO. Always check the scope of SEO services in Singapore to see if the plan include Negative SEO mitigation.

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