Three Factors to Stop Working with Your SEO Agency

Posted by Miss Ria on 08/05/2019
Search Engine Optimisation, when done right can lead to increase in business exposure, which can drive more revenue for your business. Typically, a business that has not done SEO can expect an increase of 30% in their business revenue when they are on Page 1 in Google search. This may sound easy, but SEO is becoming harder as Google change and adapt their search algorithm according to trend and demand. In 2019, SEO is very much alive and well. It's more important now than few years ago, especially when the younger generation are relying on the internet to search for what they want.

SEO however is an ever changing and constantly adapting industry. What works previously may not work today. As Google becomes smarter in adapting to changing search trend, so does the need for your SEO agency in Singapore to be flexible. If you do a quick search, there are a lot of SEO agency in Singapore. However, in order for you to succeed and accomplish what your business need, you need to appoint the right SEO agency to do the work. As a business owner, how do you differentiate a good SEO vendor from the bad apples?

Here are three factors that you need to look out for in your SEO agency and if they are doing one of it, be sure to terminate your working relationship immediately. You don't want Google to penalise your site as it often takes a long time to recover from the penalty.

Factor 1: SEO Agency must always tell their process in detail to you. As a business owner, you should listen and take note of the work process. 

A good SEO agency will always try to explain their work process to their prospect. This is a good move because as a business owner, you will be able to tell if the agency is doing white hat or black hat SEO. Any SEO agency who doesn't tell about their process are either employing black hats or doing something suspicious which can lead to penalty - and you're not going to like it.

A good tip for business owner, what goes around comes around. It's the Karma of SEO. Employing black hat SEO will give you a short burst in ranking but it will definitely come back and bite you at the end. When will this happen? When Google detected these illegal techniques and update their search algorithm. As a business owner, you should not be looking for a short term rank burst. Instead, you should look for sustainable rank building and see if the SEO agency is doing it.

Always remember, when a SEO consultant is trying to tell you what they're doing in complicated technical terms, it usually mean they don't understand what they are talking about. A good SEO vendor will be able to explain to you in simple terms, good enough for someone without basic SEO knowledge to understand.

Factor 2: There has been an increase in bad or spammy sites linking to your Website.

Handing over the entire SEO business to your new SEO agency without monitoring is akin to passing down your business to the new vendor. It's dangerous and we don't recommend it. As a business owner, you should be responsible for your own business. Take control and ask your webmaster to monitor for these bad links. Backlinks are the bread and butter of your site's authority. Bad links deteriorate your website health in Google's eye.

Irresponsible SEO company will engage multiple cheap backlink builders to build backlinks to your site. This is not something you're paying someone to do for you, don't you?

If you notice an increase in spammy links, please do yourself a favour and confront the SEO company. Be frank and tell them there has been an increase in these bad links and if they are the one responsible for it. If they are not responding or masking what they are doing, you should consider terminating your working relationship with the SEO agency and look for a new one.

Factor 3: Timely and Proper Reporting Process

You should be able to check your SEO progress in real time. Your SEO agency should be able to provide you with a custom reporting platform that will be able to track your site progress. Hence, you should look for these companies to work with as this would usually mean they've invested a lot of money into making this proprietary reporting system. It gives assurance that they are here for the long term and not interested in short term quick gain.

You should expect in the report, some comprehensive information that includes critical metrics that are important to measure the SEO effort. These metrics are such as site analysis, growth over a period of time, bounce rate, domain authority ranking and time period reporting (year on year or month on month). This will be able to show you if there has been an increase in ranking for your site. From here, you should be able to compare if SEO is giving you the returns you are expecting.


Make no mistake about it. SEO is very much alive and relevant in 2019, if not more critical. It's good if you already included SEO in your digital marketing strategy but you need to be careful as to what sort of SEO agency you're employing. Hopefully, the three tips above will be able to help you. In short, consider SEO agency in Singapore that is ethical and actually cares for your business.

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