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Experiencing Stagnant Growth With Limited Visibility on Google?

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape where over 85% of consumers conduct research before making an enquiry or purchase, having a strong digital footprint is crucial.

Market Reach

Without a solid online presence, your market reach is limited, hindering expansion beyond your regular customer base and active leads hunting.

Lost Opportunities
And Revenue

Competitors who outrank you are winning over potential customers. Even new players are vying for visibility and market share.

Struggle To Identify A Reliable SEO Partner

SEO is a long term investment strategy. Can you discern between over-promises and realistic growth results?

We Help Brands Dominate Search Results That Drives Sustainable Revenue Growth

No More Hunting And Hustling

We rank businesses at the top of Google that drive a consistent stream of organic traffic and let leads come to you effortlessly. ​

Be Customer's Top Choice​

Since 2013, we have achieved leading positions across multiple industries, elevating businesses from being virtually invisible to the top of search results.​

Genuine Long-Term Partnership With Real Results​

At NightOwl, we thrive on collaboration. Our SEO strategies are designed to deliver sustained success, not just quick fixes. ​


Your Dedicated SEO Ally

When you engage us, you’ll get a dedicated campaign manager – an experienced SEO veteran.

No Cookie-Cutter Strategy

Because one size fits none. We reverse-engineer your competitors, and custom-fit your success.

Clear Directions For Achievable Wins

We investigate your site, your competition, and devise the best strategy for attainable victories.

Seamless, Active Communication

Expect clear channels for check-ins and reviews, keeping us in sync for proactive adjustments.

We're Not A Vendor, But A True Partner

We’re invested in long-term partnerships. Working with us feels like having an in-house SEO department.


Real Results. Real Presence

Korean Plastic Surgery Industry

Updated Dec 2023 | 2018 – 2024 | Top 3 Worldwide

BBQ Catering Industry

Updated Jan 2024 | 2014 – 2024 | Industry Leader

Movers Industry

Updated Jan 2024 | 2018 – 2024 | Industry Leader

PR Application Industry

Updated Aug 2023 | 2022 – 2024 | Top 3 Rankings

Tuition Industry

Updated Dec 2023 | 2018 – 2024 | Top 5 In Singapore

Teambuilding Industry

Updated Dec 2023 | 2014 – 2024 | Top 5 In Singapore

Empower your brand’s journey with our proven SEO strategy. Witness the shift from limited online visibility to dominating search results with high-ranking positions and enjoying a steady flow of organic traffic.


Hear What Other Clients Say

Forging Strategic Partnership

Are We A Good Fit For Your Brand?

Our promise is simple – We only partner brands that we are confident in driving significant traffic growth.

Good Fit For Partnership

Established B2B or B2C businesses ready for growth

Stable revenue and ready to invest in climbing Google

Have a ready functional website to perform SEO

Committed to a 1 year long-term SEO strategy

Poor Fit For Partnership

Businesses in their early stages

Businesses without a functional website

Need for immediate leads and quick results

Seeking quick fixes or short-term solutions


3 Simple Steps Towards Kickstarting Your Digital Success


1. Hop On A Discovery Call

Connect with us for a brief 15-minute call to discuss your business goals and concerns.


2. Informed Consultation

We kick off with a non-obligatory 1-hour session by proposing our strategy.


3. Proposal & Kickoff

Advance with clarity, conviction and confidence.


Common Questions

Yes, you can tap into the PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) for a 50% subsidy on your campaign costs. This grant is supported by IMDA and ESG Singapore.

As a pre-approved solutions provider, NightOwl can issue a pre-approved quotation for you to submit to the business grants portal.

Our SEO packages generally start from $1,500 (excluding grants). Highly competitive industries however, may result in a monthly cost of $2000++. The final cost ultimately varies depending on your chosen keywords and their competitive level for the top 5 positions in Singapore.

Certainly! We recommend exploring Facebook Advertising or Google Pay-Per-Click Ads, also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). 

Unlike SEO, these ads appear instantly on Facebook or at the top of Google search results, leading potential customers directly to your site. It’s fast to set up and drives web visitors quickly. However, if every sale requires you to spend ad dollars to acquire customers, it can be very costly to scale up your business.

That’s why many businesses eventually invest in SEO for long-term benefits like organic ranking on Google, which brings substantial natural traffic without the cost per click, making it more cost-effective and scalable in the long run.

On average, we cover 15 to 30 keywords, depending on the competition level for those keywords. We can do more and don’t set a strict limit; because we are more concern with what level of SEO competition we are fighting against, to avoid falling short of expectations.

For instance, if the competition is light, we aim to cover more keywords for maximum value. If it’s tough, we adopt a more strategic and selective approach to get you results.

We would love to say yes however we handle guarantees on a case-by-case basis. Since SEO is influenced by various external factors like algorithm updates and competitors’ actions, we analyze your industry, keywords, and campaign thoroughly before making promises.

Our approach ensures realistic expectations and effective communication in our partnership. We always strive for the best but prefer honesty in our partnership over overpromising.

Continuation depends on your business goals.

Maintaining Google rankings requires ongoing SEO efforts because your competitors are actively working to surpass you.

Monitoring your conversion and sales can help decide if it’s beneficial to continue. For example, if a client consistently gets 50 leads per month in a competitive niche, it makes sense to keep going and further expand your keyword targets.

Our ultimate aim is to not only maintain your ranking but also to achieve the number 1 spot on Google, dominating your market segment. This is an ambitious goal, but with long-term commitment, it’s achievable.

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