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Dedicated Customer Dashboard With Live Keyword & Rank Tracking

Managing Your SEO Results

Track your results live. Know how your rankings are doing every month.

We Provide Live Tracking. No Need To Wait For Reports.

We get it, you’re enthusiastic to see progress with your SEO campaign, and love seeing green upward trending line indicating climbing rankings and increased traffic. So we have a dedicated dashboard for you to login and check your progress:

  • Easy To Use Dashboard
  • See Your Rankings In Real-Time
  • Rankings Updated Every 24 Hours
  • See Each Individual Keyword Monthly Search Volume
  • Generate Different Report Views For Your Own Usage
  • See Your Competition Rankings
  • Support Channel – Simply Email Us And We Will Respond Within 1 Working Day

Here’s An Example

You can see the current rankings and evolution over time.

Quarterly Reviews With Regular Ad-Hoc Support

Our SEO campaigns are on a 1 year campaign long, to give sufficient fire power and time to both climb up the search rankings, and also to maintain the keywords against competitors’ counter-attack. We do a quarterly review on the keywords, to keep pace with our SEO plan. If we are behind what we projected (sometimes due to competitor’s reaction, or the change in algorithm, or competitors prove harder than what we expected), a quarterly review gives us sufficient time to adjust our SEO strategy and to boost firepower on our end, to ensure you get your results.

During the course of the campaign, clients can always ring us up for SEO matters. Should you also need an opinion for any digital matter out of SEO, we are always happy to offer you an opinion on the subject matter if it is something we have prior experience.

We are committed to get rank you at the top of the search engine, so that your business receives a myriad of business opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some echoing questions that we hear from time to time. You may find some help to your questions with the links below. Alternatively, don't hesitate to contact us via email or WhatsApp should you need further information.

Each client will have access to their own SEO tracking dashboard. You can compare your site ranking before and after you sign a contract with us. Also, check out our portfolio of ranking successes.The time it takes to see results differ from client to client. It may take weeks, months, sometimes a year or more. It depends on what industry your business is in, the resources you are allocating for SEO, and the quality of SEO being done. Generally, our campaigns take approximately 2-3 months to see significant movements in the search engine. For lasting impact and stable rankings on the first page, usually anywhere from 7 to 12 months.

Yes. As demonstrated by our Portfolio, Rankings and Reviews, we have witnessed first hand how our SEO has helped many businesses in Singapore grow not only their revenues and profits, but also their brands and expanded their companies.SEO drives business results exactly because it helps businesses target the most interested potential customers a business could possibly have, right at the moment those prospects are looking for the products or services that the businesses offer.While other online advertising or marketing channels interrupt a target audience's activities (e.g. a Facebook ad interrupts a person's leisurely browsing of his newsfeed, so does a YouTube ad interrupts a person's watching of an entertaining or educational video, etc), SEO beats all of the other marketing channels as it delivers to the exact audience right at the very moment they express their desire for a product or service, with warm intent of purchase.The key to how SEO achieves this is in choosing the right keywords or search terms that your target market typically types into the search engines. Knowing this data, and knowing how to execute an SEO plan to target these search terms is part of the strategic SEO services we provide.

When your rankings go down, it may be because of one of or several reasons. Here are the most common (but don’t panic, we have ways to manage):In a Bad Case:a) Google has released a new search engine algorithm that affects everyone; b) Your website has lost some good backlinks, lowering your domain authority; c) Your website was filtered by Google bots due to technical issues with your site; d) Your website was penalized by Google’s employee due to violation of guidelines; e) Your competitors have improved their SEO and now outranks you.In A Good Case (Most Common):f) If it’s a sudden drop after weeks of continuous climbing, it’s good news – Google is ‘testing’ your site against alternatives – we usually see this a lot just before it climbs back up again and continues climbing and stays at the top for a long time.This is the most common scenario for our customers. Therefore, DO NOT PANIC if you see a drop. Fluctuations in rankings especially in the first 3 months of SEO is a normal thing. Google has successfully found you, saw the SEO improvements and is trying to get a sense of where to rank you against others, hence the fluctuations.In this scenario, the initial rankings are restored in a couple of days or weeks, sometimes you might even earn better rankings than before.
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