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Global SEO (International)

With our Global SEO, expand your business overseas and gain international customers by making your website rank higher and reach the top of the other country's search engine results, through usage of your country’s local keywords.


Expanding SEO globally allows you to get larger search volume and prospective customers

In the current era and the space of digitalization, expanding horizons is extremely essential. It is not recommended to stick with marketing strategies and decisions to one specific country. Most of your competitors are always looking out to reach as many potential customers/ clients as possible and with the current technology, it is very feasible to connect with international clients/ customers. Taking advantage of the opportunity to digitize internationally is a huge boost to improve the ROI of your business. 

Market Size

When you try to expand your business overseas digitally, you gain access to market size and search volume 10-100 times bigger than Singapore. This allows you to get around approximately 100,000 searches per month rather than 1000 searches per month in Singapore


In terms of competitiveness, South East Asia is not as competitive as Singapore is right now. Through data analysis, we could identify that in many foreign countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, local markets try to advertise on social media which makes executing SEO easier and the search volume is larger.


Google algorithm, competition and search volume is different for each country and it plays a major role in executing SEO in a different country. So, for example if you are looking to expand your business into 5 different countries, the Google algorithm, competition and search volume vary between those 5 countries. Thus, 5 different SEO campaigns are required to be launched, each unique to its own country. The budget for these campaigns differ, however by launching multiple campaigns at the end you enjoy the collective search volume and ranking which has a significant increase to your business.


Similar to running multiple SEO campaigns while you are expanding your business internationally, you also need to have multiple domains where you can run the campaigns. We also offer website optimization for multiple domains so that your website ranking stays high on whichever country you intend to expand.  

Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant: 

The Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant is a Singaporean government assistance program exclusive to small and medium Singapore based enterprises to help them expand overseas  Under this program, eligible small and medium enterprises (SMEs) receive the following support:

Up to 70% of eligible costs, capped at S$100,000 per company per new market from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2023 that covers:

  • Overseas market promotion (capped at S$20,000)
  • Overseas business development (capped at S$50,000)
  • Overseas market set-up (capped at S$30,000)=

This is a great opportunity for SMEs intending on expanding overseas as there is a lot of financial support provided by the Singaporean government.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some echoing questions that we hear from time to time. You may find some help to your questions with the links below. Alternatively, don't hesitate to contact us via email or WhatsApp should you need further information.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to techniques that help your website become more visible in organic search results for the people who are looking for your brand, product, or service via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.For an in-depth encyclopedia entry, refer to Wikipedia. Or the #1 authority on the SEO industry (for now), Moz.

In the strictest interpretations of Google's playbook, doing anything at all to try and influence other websites to link back to you is frowned upon. The link building aspect of SEO is strictly not against any valid international laws of any government in the world regarding the Internet, it is just something that Google doesn't like as it affects their rice bowl - which is their advertising revenue stream.With that said, there is a spectrum of activities that can be generally considered white hat, grey hat and black hat in the SEO community.To put it simply, white hat link building is extremely slow, depends on luck, depends on your real world personal networking and connections with the big leagues or celebrities, or depends on extremely brilliant but one-hit-wonder public relations manoeuvres - let's face it - the average decent small business website have very little chances of being in this category.On the other end of the spectrum, black hat link building is extremely tempting, it can get fast results, but they are often short-lived, or can be costly in the long run to maintain as you cover up your past shady tracks. It takes the manipulation of Google's algorithms to the extreme. It can also sometimes be borderline illegal as some tactics may involve some form of hacking or defacing other websites to place a link to yours, or bringing down competitor sites through DDOS attacks.Where most good SEO's play, including us, is in the Grey Hat range - where we take a little bit of black hat concepts, and build backlinks while maintaining a clean white hat image in the eyes of Google as much as possible. Grey Hat SEO's work based on social contracts and mutually beneficial relationships and understanding between one another, by building backlinks off each other's websites and offering benefits in exchange.For e.g. it is not illegal at all in any liberal capitalist country in the world for a website to sell space for a feature article and backlink inside it for a fee or other compensation, provided the content and activities related to it are legal. This is simply a Guest Post or Sponsored Editorial. Google may not like it, but both Google and that website and the one it links to, all work under a capitalist system, and it's totally legal.

Yes. As demonstrated by our Portfolio, Rankings and Reviews, we have witnessed first hand how our SEO has helped many businesses in Singapore grow not only their revenues and profits, but also their brands and expanded their companies.SEO drives business results exactly because it helps businesses target the most interested potential customers a business could possibly have, right at the moment those prospects are looking for the products or services that the businesses offer.While other online advertising or marketing channels interrupt a target audience's activities (e.g. a Facebook ad interrupts a person's leisurely browsing of his newsfeed, so does a YouTube ad interrupts a person's watching of an entertaining or educational video, etc), SEO beats all of the other marketing channels as it delivers to the exact audience right at the very moment they express their desire for a product or service, with warm intent of purchase.The key to how SEO achieves this is in choosing the right keywords or search terms that your target market typically types into the search engines. Knowing this data, and knowing how to execute an SEO plan to target these search terms is part of the strategic SEO services we provide.
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