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Getting Started With Us

Devising an online strategy to overcome your digital challenges

1 Hour First Meeting / Consultation

We don’t pitch. We have no sales people. We don’t come to you and desperately try to force a sale package. That is a bad way to start a relationship.

All of our meetings are done in close collaboration, by our technical experts and consultants. These are real people on the ground who is going to work closely with you, either in devising your digital strategy or executing the technicalities of your campaign. You speak and work with an experienced marketer.

Hence your very first meetup with us, is in fact a short 1 hour consultation session. The good news is – it’s free. Whether you take our advice or any of our services, that is entirely up to your discretion. If you like what you are hearing, we will definitely love to work on your campaign.

Understanding Your Digital Challenges

We kick off with an overall strategy session, by understanding your business, its digital challenges and your business goals. From there, we are able to give you an insight how we drive traffic and leads for our customers, and how it can work for you with your circumstances right now – from the choosing the right channel, to interesting customer data you can find online, to digital ROI. Sometimes, the data sets and live analysis we do in the first meeting gets quite interesting that it takes up about 90 minutes of your time. This usually happens if you are not savvy or familiar with the digital marketing industry.

SEO and SEM is not always the solution. If our experienced marketers felt that SEO and SEM does not fit as the right solution to your immediate challenges, they will recommend you other digital channel(s) that probably make more sense. For instance, if nobody is searching for your business offering, there is nothing to SEO. You are probably better off doing marketing in Facebook.

If we identified the solution to your challenge is SEO or / and SEM, we will guide you how you can get started.

Keyword And Search Volume Analysis

If our analysis tells us that SEO or SEM is the right direction for your business, we do a further analysis into the search engine. This step is known as – Keyword Analysis. This step is repeated once more time in depth when we prepare our proposals and execute the SEO/SEM campaign.

Online visitors arrive into your website via Google keyword searches. Hence, we want to know what keywords your potential customers are typing into Google that are relevant for your business, the volume of searches, and building a strong data foundation to base our SEO or SEM objectives on.

For example, referring to the image above, the keyword “cleaner singapore” receives 720 average searches on Google every month. Google recommends related keywords such as “cleaning services singapore” that receives 2,900 average searches monthly.

If you are rank on the top 3 for both of this keywords, your website is exposed to 3,620 monthly searches. Based on statistics, 25% of these search count will click into your website. A successful SEO campaign will therefore drive 905 visitors into your website monthly, 10,860 visitors yearly. with a good website, you probably can convert 10% of these visitors into enquiries – 90 enquiries per month, 1080 enquiries per year.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what keyword analysis can possibly do. The analysis could go deeper into choosing the right keywords, analysing of your competitors data, digital ROI. These will be done during the course of the campaign and consultation(s).

To summarise, this is how “Keyword Analysis” works. Awesome isn’t it?

Next Up: On-Site Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some echoing questions that we hear from time to time. You may find some help to your questions with the links below. Alternatively, don't hesitate to contact us via email or WhatsApp should you need further information.

No SEO can absolutely guarantee with 100% certainty that your website will rank on the first page for your target keywords. Any SEO that says so is lying to get the sale or is hiding some clauses in their terms and conditions.While we have extensive experience with SEO, there are also thousands of other factors that can work against us, not to mention the ever changing Google ranking algorithm.We do however guarantee that our SEO will bring significant increases in the organic search traffic that comes to your website. This will come from the right choices of the right keywords that carries value for your business.Contact us to make an enquiry to find out more how our guarantee works.

  1. Our PortfolioRankings and Reviews speak for themselves in attesting to our SEO experience, expertise and capabilities.
  2. We are selective in choosing our clientele - we don't take more than 2 companies within the same industry, so your competitive interests are taken care of, and we only take on clients after thoroughly assessing that SEO will truly help their business.
  3. Unlike some SEO agencies that offer cheap packages while unrealistically guaranteeing first page rankings in 3 months, we will be transparent and objective with you from the very start. We assess the relevant data available to tell you if doing SEO for your business is feasible and worth the time and money.

Besides SEO, we provide SEM services on Google Ads and Google Display Network for selective clients who have the budget and right fit of strategy and feasibility.We used to also do social media marketing services, but have decided to focus and specialise on our expertise and best result-attaining capability, which is SEO.However, should you prefer to also do social media marketing in addition to SEO, just discuss with us. We may work something out through our partner companies that specialise in it and are better at it than us.We also have a sister company that specialises in website and custom applications. Check them out at Ambient.sg.
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