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From 1 Computer Repair Store To 4 Stores In Singapore

How a computer repair store served thousands of customers and grew to 4 outlets with fully packed clients within 2 years

Campaign Objective

A one-stop IT hardware device repair store, that first opened in the East area of Singapore, focusing mainly on notebook computers and macbook repairs. The campaign objective is to increase their digital presence online, increase appointment bookings and store revenue for business expansion.

Challenges Holding The Website Back

- Fairly new website
- Less than friendly website for a solid SEO structure
- Lack of content and relevancy to targeted keywords
- Low domain authority. No past SEO work done

Course Of Action

As a fairly new business, the website is up to compete in a very competitive search industry with some strong players well-versed in SEO and dominating the first page of search results, as demand for laptop repair services is also quite high in Google.

To get the ball rolling with sales, the client did SEM on Google Ads for immediate traffic and sales, while we work on SEO efforts to rank the site up in the search engine.

After determining the keywords to rank for, we made adjustments to the structure and content of the website to increase the website relevancy to the targetted keywords. We ensured there was a proper lead capturing target URL for appointments scheduling.

Overall link building strategy was straight forward, as our focus was mainly on the notebook & macbook repair group of keywords. We also built local citations to rank up their Google Business profile. We consistently monitored the progress of each keyword and made sure we had better control on major fluctuations in rankings.

An important aspect that we had to create was also consistent content publishing. We created mostly informative articles and blog posts to drive engagements with existing and potential customers.

Breakthroughs Achieved

Within 10 months, we conquered Page 1 Top 5 for a majority of our target keywords. Web traffic increased by 300% and the business started experiencing an influx in enquiries. With continuous and consistent SEO efforts, most targeted keywords are ranked and maintained in the top 5 rankings of Page 1. The business has since expanded from 1 branch to a total of 4 branches in Singapore.

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