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Team Building Company Flooded With Search Enquiries

Bringing a new site specialising in team building activities to Page 1 of Google Results, and make them really busy in business.

Campaign Objective

This business specialises in providing local and overseas corporate team building activities and retreats to companies in Singapore. The primary objective of this campaign was to increase visibility on Search and increase enquiries and sale revenue for their corporate team building activities services via SEO.

Challenges Holding The Website Back

- Low domain authority
- Zero trust and history with Google
- Highly competitive SEO industry

Our Strategy

Our preliminary analysis shows that the competition in this industry on Search is highly competitive, with over 10,000 users actively looking for team building related keywords every month. We target easy ranking wins at the start of the campaign to get return on investment for the client. An Adwords campaign was also conducted to drive immediate leads for sustaining the long-term SEO strategy. As SEO returns significantly increase, the campaign was geared towards SEO in pursuing considerably more competitive keywords with an increased budget.

We optimised the website’s content structure, meta tags and on-page content, and made each page as content rich as possible. A blogging campaign was implemented to further expand the content on site and continuously build trust with Google.

We also implemented a targeted and strategic link building campaign that started out with building trust and gradually building up authority - by exposing the site’s social media accounts to Google and gradually building up the number of backlinks at an organic pace.

Breakthroughs We Achieved

Within 1 year, we were ranked for 7 keywords relating to team building on the 1st Page of Google search results and several long tail keywords ranking in the Top 3. We achieved peaked traffic of approximately 800% increase, and a spike in search volume of 500% increase.

As a result, the client receives an average of several qualified enquiries per day and expanded their team capacities to take on more business.

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We serve both local and overseas clients. The humans in our team are awake Mondays to Fridays, 9:00AM - 6:00PM (GMT +8). They hibernate on weekends and public holidays. Our SEO link building and rank tracking "owls" though, they work 24/7/365. Say hello to us at!

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