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Team Building Company Flooded With Search Enquiries

How we brought Happy Sparrow right to page 1, and make them really busy in business.

Happy Sparrow, One Of Singapore’s Leading Team Building Companies
Happy Sparrow Adventures is led by an ex-Air Force Captain turned wanderlusting entrepreneur who turned his passion for traveling the world, learning new culture and connecting with people, into a lean but mean corporate overseas team building business.

They engaged us to help them connect with more people to experience their unique and often out-of-the-box team building methodologies. Prior to this, they enjoyed a lot of inbound enquiries via word-of-mouth, but they would like to expand their reach via the digital channels.

The Challenges Faced When We Initially Met Them
When we first made acquaintance with Happy Sparrow, we discovered that they traditionally relied on business networking to promote their overseas team building programme. They felt that networking was a very cold and slow way to get quality customers, and wanted a breakthrough in their business using online marketing.

Next, their team building company was new to the digital landscape. They had started out without a website although, they were looking to contest the giants in the highly competitive team building industry.

Third, their niche was especially difficult due to the large demand for team building companies, that splurge 4 digits of cash on SEO to maintain their rankings on top 3. Happy Sparrow was just a 2 man team at that time and not ready for that kind of monthly budget on SEO.

SEO Effects When Our Jedis Enter The Battlefield

The Top 10 Spots In The Team Building Industry Is A Viciously Contested Position
Our preliminary analysis of their SEO, let us know that the competition in this industry is rather vicious, with countless companies contesting for the top 10 positions. The reason for this could be because, an increasing number of users are looking to Google to find team building companies.

The number of users actively looking for team building related keywords online was more than 10,000 every month. Hence, it's no surprise everyone wants to be in the top 10 as these positions will generate large volumes of visitors into your website, translating into hundred of leads every month. With some basic calculations, it is pretty obvious how lucrative the business returns are, by dominating the top 10 of Google.

We Dominated The Top 10 Spots And Caused A Spike In Search Volume Of 500%
Realising the prospects of a top 10 ranking on search, we worked with Happy Sparrow on building their website and starting a highly customised and rigorous SEO strategy. After building their website, we started an Adwords campaign to drive immediate leads to sustain the long-term SEO strategy. As the SEO started getting traction, we reduced the Adwords budget and channeled more into SEO.

But this was where we encountered a hurdle - we underestimated the competitiveness of ‘team building’ keywords. Therefore, we shifted to a “Long-Tail SEO Strategy” in the team building industry, where we targeted many less popular keywords that main stream competitors are not targeting. Despite the lower volume, e.g. 40 searches/month, the quantity of keywords made up for the volume.

Despite not ranking on page 1 for the best keywords, we still managed to drive a few hundred visitors to the site. To achieve the best optimum leads from a low visitor rate, we improve sales copy and Call-To-Actions onsite, that produce a stunningly high conversion rate. Eventually, we ranked 1 keyword in 1st place, with 4-5 keywords right near the top 10 and achieved peaked traffic of approximately 800%, and an average search volume of 500% since SEO.

We Expanded From A Two Man Team To One Of The Top Team Building Companies In Singapore In A Short Period Of Time
We continued implementing our longtail keyword strategy and managed to organically rank for the bigger team building keywords that we initially aimed for, and business increased tremendously.

What once used to be low sales periods in the 4th quarter of the year became 2 back-to-back quarters of ‘full house’ business for Happy Sparrow, and they had to expand their team to better serve their clients’ team building needs. Today, Happy Sparrow is one of the leading team building companies in Singapore and no longer relies much on networking to generate leads, all thanks to SEO.

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