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SEO for Curtains and Blinds Business

International SEO across 5 countries to dominate Page 1 ranking of high search volume keywords

Campaign Objective

This business specialises in providing exquisitely designed curtains and blinds throughout Singapore. The objective of the campaign is to increase their visibility online and increase traffic to their website by being on the first page of Google Search.

Challenges Holding The Website Back

- Website with poor technical SEO structure
- Insufficient content on the various different URLs
- Toxic backlinks from past SEO work done

Course Of Action

We started by having a proper keyword research done to determine the proper keywords and target URLs we needed to work on. Once this groundwork was completed, we then moved into making changes to the website by adding in more relevant content to each target URLs and making sure that the keywords in those pages were present. We also adjusted the Meta tags and titles that were too long or irrelevant.

With many diverse options of products that this website has, we decided to focus on the ones that have a higher search volume for the first 3 months. We first started by building relevant and trustworthy organic backlinks to the site with general anchor text so that the website itself will increase in their trustworthy score.

Once all these initial steps were completed, next we focused on having a well-balanced supply of backlinks to each of their target product URLs. We also made sure that the website had a consistent flow of updated content by continuously publishing blog posts and articles that are relevant to their website and business.

Breakthroughs We Achieved

Within the first 6 months, we see various keywords climb up to the top 3 rankings. There was a significant of up to 250% increase in web traffic to the site during that time which led to an influx of enquiries.

Within a year of the SEO campaign, the business expanded their manpower to accommodate the significantly increased business and also rented a bigger warehouse space to store and showcase their curtains, blinds and home accessories products.

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