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MightyVelo – The Best Bike Company in Singapore

Learn how MightyVelo utilizes the power of SEO to drive growth and achieve business breakthroughs in the already competitive bike industry.

MightyVelo - The Best Bike Company in Singapore
MightyVelo is Singapore’s largest retailer and distributor of folding bikes and bicycles. Started 15 years ago, MightyVelo is widely known for its high quality bicycles and folding bikes not only in Singapore but also in Thailand and Indonesia. MightyVelo is also known for having a huge online reach when they have started resorting to online marketing strategies a few years ago.

Challenges Faced By MightyVelo Before Approaching Night Owl

Before approaching NightOwl, MightyVelo had most of its customers come to the offline store through referential. Although they have been doing digital marketing before approaching NightOwl, their online presence was lesser. They were offering a few online services and mostly engaging in Facebook Marketing.

When NightOwl Stepped In

MightyVelo approached us for consultation in August 2018 to discuss marketing their products and services online, and have a prominent online presence. By October 2019, we started working with MightyVelo to improve their online marketing strategies. The primary goal of NightOwl is to put MightyVelo on top 3 searches of Google Search results. In order to do that we started executing advanced search engine optimization methods. The major change observed after MightyVelo started doing online marketing is their customers were now able to find MightyVelo instead of MightyVelo searching for its customers. Mighty Velo is the prime example as to why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a far better method to increase online presence and get increased traffic.

MightyVelo’s Referring Domains

One of NightOwl’s key strategies for executing advanced Search Engine Optimization is the usage of high quality authentic referring domains. Since MightyVelo did not have a strong online presence before, we started increasing their referring domains along with various methods to improve their online presence. Since the start of executing our strategies, we were able to see a significant rise in their referring domains and increase their online traffic.

With the increase of the referring domain, our SEO campaign was successful and MightyVelo was able to get an increased online presence.

Keyword Research

Along with referring domains, we also work on executing SEO strategies such as keyword research for MightyVelo. Through keyword research, we get an idea of what keywords and marketing strategies we need to focus upon to improve MightyVelo’s online presence. It helps us guide MightyVelo on what their customers are looking for and how they can reach MightyVelo.

Based on the keyword ranking we also suggest MightyVelo on what services they need to focus for better online traffic.


MightyVelo has been our most acclaimed client since we have met them in 2018. We have a strong relationship and closely worked with them to solve their true online marketing problem. This was possible due to the many meetings and consultations we had with them from time to time to fully understand how their business should go forward and how they could utilize the full potential of digital marketing to improve their company. Today, MightyVelo stands as one of the best bicycle companies in Singapore with a huge online presence in Singapore as well as in Thailand and Indonesia. Currently, they decided to continue working with us and explore various online marketing strategies and stay on top of Google search results.

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