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Marvele – Rocking The Rank 1 In The Events Industry

How a local events company use SEO, to achieve a major breakthrough in business growth

The Client, Marvele, An Events Company In Singapore
Marvele Group is an events company in Singapore, whose primary stream of sales opportunities back in 2016 came mostly through networking events and customer referrals. From carnivals, dinner and dance, retreats, sports events and special events, Marvele today provides one of the most innovative and extensive event management and venue sourcing services in Singapore.

The Challenges Faced When We Were Approached In 2016
First, due to the growing digital space, potential customers who are looking to engage an events company "Googled" for events companies, often patronizing the top 3 vendors at the top of the Google Search Engine. Therefore, the changing customer landscape towards digitalization is a potential threat in cannabilizing their existing manner of generating leads

Second, 90% of their customers came from (a) Networking events (b) Customer referrals. The number of leads wasn't always consistent monthly, while time and effort had to be spent to build potential network and customer relationships.

Third, as a result of the first two reasons, Marvele engaged an SEO provided in 2015 to 2016 to help them grow their presence in the Google Search Engine. Unfortunately, after a year of progress, the SEO wasn't very successful. Marvele was only found, and stuck in page 3 and page 4 of the search engine, which hardly any online user visit.

SEO Effects When Our Jedis Enter The Battlefield

The Top 3 Spots In The Events Industry Is A Highly Contested Spot
Based on our initial diagnosis, the events industry faces high SEO competition, where plenty of companies engaged SEO vendors monthly to fight their way into the top 3 of Singapore. The reason for the high competition is due to the growing number of online users Googling for events company.

This industry receives more than 20,000 active searches monthly, for event companies! It is no wonder everyone wants to be in the top 3 and are willing to pay a tidy sum to conquer the top 3 spot, as the top 3 will bring a huge number of visitors into your website, resulting in hundreds of enquiries per month. Doing some mathematics will tell you how profitable the business returns are, by being on the top 3 of Google.

We Conquered The Top 5 Spots Within 6 Months and The Rank 1 Spot In 1 Year
As Marvele has previously embarked on a failed SEO campaign, this give us a slight additional advantage to our SEO efforts. Although the previous 1-Year SEO campaign under another vendor failed, it however helped the site established a 1-Year relationship with Google. A new site on the search engine is much tougher to rank for, versus a website that already has a relationship with Google. Especially so, in this tough events industry.

Knowing that, we re-performed the on-site optimization, developed our backlinks, and also did some clean-up of the previous vendor's failed SEO work (we inspect the past history of backlinks and noted some of the practises by the previous vendor that we didn't quite agree, and modified them).

Through a consistent effort for 6 months, we crossed the page one and were found in the top 5. We next revamped the website into a brand new Wordpress site that is highly optimised for Google, and within 1 year, we conquered the rank 1 spot.

Marvele Finally Sees A Mega Transformation In Their Business
Taking the Rank 1s and Rank 2s for over 50 keywords that are exposed to more than 10,000 search visitors a month, Marvele's digital strategy kicked off successfully. The exponential increase in website visitors versus a year back, drove plenty of companies to discover their really awesome services.

The experienced team capitalised on the huge influx of online opportunities and successfully achieve a major breakthrough in their business revenue. 3 years later today, Marvele is now one of the top events company in Singapore, and has successfully expanded both their team and range of business.

While in 2016, 90% of the business is reliant on networking and customer referrals, this reliance dropped drastically over the years. Most of their business opportunities now comes from digital, since most of today's users came from Google, and we are rank 1!


Marvele emerged into a pioneer event management company securing their position in top pages of Google search results consistently within a few months of starting digitalization and advanced marketing strategies provided by NightOwl. During their contract period with NightOwl they achieved the top position in Google search results and significant breakthroughs in their business. During this period, the relationship within the company and client was very strong which was also one of the major factors attributing to Marvele’s success. The communication with our clients goes beyond SEO and we often give suggestions towards their growth and business development which was extremely beneficial for Marvele as a service company. Currently, from January 2018 onwards, Marvele stopped their contract with NightOwl and the SEO services were paused from us.

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