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Large Scale Backlinks Campaign for Food Delivery

Large scale link building campaign to garner Top 3 spots in the rankings

Campaign Objective

As one of the biggest food delivery apps and platforms in Singapore and the region, this site was attaining 1st Page rankings for relevant food delivery keywords in Singapore. The objective of this campaign is to dominate the industry in food delivery by ranking in the Top 3 on the 1st Page. They were also looking to rank at the Top for searches on the famous food and restaurant brands that they serve on their platform.

Issues Holding The Website Back

- Ranked low on 1st page for target keywords
- Smaller competition beating them on 1st page
- Low domain authority due to lack of backlinks

Course Of Action

As they had an in-house SEO team to manage the on-site and technical SEO aspects of their site, a significant amount of the campaign budget was allocated for link building. We worked with the team closely on the keyword research to determine keywords that would bring the most impact in driving relevant web traffic to their platform. With the target keywords and URLs setup, we kickstarted a large scale link outreach campaign based on the specifications of the types of backlinks requested for.

Over the course of 6 months, we procured over 240 links on relevant guest posts in high authority, high traffic and relevant websites, magazines and blogs.

Breakthroughs We Achieved

The client successfully achieved what they set out to achieve, with their target high search volume keywords beating all other competitors to garner Top 3 spots in the rankings, with some keywords ranking the dominant No. 1 spot.

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