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EZBBQ – From Struggling Brand To eCommerce Giant

How a local SME totally transform from a single retail outlet to an eCommerce giant.

EZBBQ, One Of Singapore’s Top BBQ Catering Companies
EZBBQ is the largest homegrown BBQ catering company in Singapore today. With over 300+ items and services across BBQ and Buffet Catering, including DIY BBQ packages, BBQ buffets, marinated meats and cooked food.

Started in 2004, EZB has been offering BBQ supplies and catering services through a single retail shop located in Geylang. After an internal restructuring in 2014, when the onset of digital, the team in EZB felt that eCommerce was the way forward.

The Challenges Faced In 2015 When We First Met Them
When we were first introduced in 2015, EZB was struggling to kickoff its digital activities. First, while they agreed that digitalization of their offline retail shop was the way to go forward in the future, its staff and team had no competency in digital.

Next, they engage a SEO vendor in 2014 which didn’t brought about any results after a year - failed SEO campaign. They were found in Google, but between page 4 to page 6, where hardly anybody click to those pages on search.

Third, they were a small retail setup in Geylang with a small team. It didn’t had the necessary resources to compete with the big boys in the BBQ industry. Most of its customer based came from existing loyal customers, friends and referrals, as their food (in our own opinion), is really awesome. (We genuinely felt word need to be spread out to the market of such great BBQ in town.)

SEO Effects When Our Jedis Enter The Battlefield

The Top 3 Positions In The Catering Industry Is A Highly Competitive Position
Our initial diagnosis of their SEO, tells us that the competition in this industry has been growing higher and higher in the past few years. This is likely due to the fact, more and more users are going to Google to find products and services they want.

The number of users searching for BBQ catering companies was more than 10,000 every month. This means if you are in the top 3, you probably receive about 25% of clickthroughs which amount to 2,500 visitors to your website. For every 100 visitors, if 5 of them decided to order a BBQ catering service from you, you probably get 125 BBQ catering orders on a monthly basis. If an average order is worth SGD$500, that’s a potential revenue of SGD60,000 a month which equates to SGD720,000 a year.

WOW! No wonder the top of search is so highly desired and the competition is so high.

We Conquered Rank 1 In 8 Months And Drove 6 Digits Of Yearly Web Visitors In 12 Months
Knowing the potential of a top 3 ranking on search, we worked with EZB on a highly customised and intense SEO strategy to get it into the top 3 within 12 months.

We cleaned up the previous SEO work by the ex-vendor who failed the SEO campaign, re-optimised the eCommerce website, developed "SEO pyramids” combined with “High Authority Guest Posts Of DA40+”.
By the 6th month, we had shot up from Page 5 to the top 5 ranking on search. Of course, with a little tinge of our secret SEO juice, by the 8th month, we hit the Rank 1. As SEO consistency is a key important attribute to Google rankings, it doesn’t just stop at the Rank 1. Furthermore competitors who dropped their Google rankings will request their SEO vendors to boost up their efforts, or in some evil cases, conduct a negative SEO attack to bring the Rank 1 guy down.

In the months that followed, we spent efforts to cement the rank 1 spot, that was bringing in huge amount of business opportunities and growth for EZB. We were also hit by negative SEO attacks by competitors, but fortunately we did enough work to defend against these attacks, and our rankings stood firm on Rank 1 despite the ongoing attacks.

We Transformed From A Single Retail Shop In Geylang To The Largest BBQ Catering Company In Singapore In A Short Span Of 4 years
We continued our massive SEO campaign, added more keywords and niches of BBQ. From keywords relating from "BBQ Catering Singapore” to another niche “Halal BBQ Singapore”, revenue from EZB was reinvested into SEO to sweep like wildfire the other related niches in the search engine.

As a result, we completely dominated the entire BBQ catering industry and its related niches in the Search Engine. In the years that followed, the team at EZB capitalised on their opportunities and transformed their business into the largest BBQ catering company in Singapore within a short span of 4 years.

Today for anyone ordering BBQ especially the younger and more digital savvy audiences, EZBBQ has started to become a brand name that many recognise. Of course, good marketing needs to be coupled with good food, else it will backfire. EZB food is a must-try!

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