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Edufront – From Ground Bottom to Ground Breaking

How a Tuition Centre went from ground bottom to ground breaking in business with the power of SEO.

Edufront, One Of The Largest Home Tuitions And Learning Centers In Singapore

Edufront Learning Center is the largest learning and tuition center in Singapore. With over 5 weekly programs and a PSLE program, it is one of the most renowned and sought after tuition centers in Singapore.

Edufront Learning Centre was founded in 2012 by husband and wife team, Mr. Yang Iskandar and Cikgu Hayati Abdullah, both NUS graduates, NIE-qualified, former MOE teachers from top schools. It currently offers a comprehensive range of quality education programmes from preschool to secondary levels in almost all subjects. Edufront also specialises in preparing students for the PSLE, N-Levels and the O-Levels.

Challenges Faced Before Approaching Night Owl

One of the biggest challenges faced by Edufront before approaching Night Owl is getting popularity and awareness. They tried online marketing like their key competitor, The Learning Lab but were unsuccessful.

When We Stepped In

Edufront approached us in August 2018 when they were unable to improve their marketing strategy and advised them on digital marketing. When we stepped in with online marketing for Edufront, we were able to notice the problem behind their unsuccessful online marketing strategy. So, we completely revamped their website and a new online marketing strategy. We explained the advantages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can help their website reach the top searches in Google search page. As they have started online marketing late, we also suggested them and started Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and EDM to boost their online presence rapidly. In order to maintain work consistency and synergy, we maintain frequent communication with Edufront every month where we explain their online status during the month, market condition, what improvements they can make and what improvements we can make on our side to maintain better ranking from their competitors.

Edufront's Referring Domains

One of the major advantages Edufront benefitted after resorting to our new and advanced method of digital marketing is the rapid increase of referring domains within a few months.

With the increase of referring domains, our method of SEO was successful and constantly growing.

We also conducted onsite SEO for Edufront through keyword research to improve their ranking to the top search results. There has been a consistent increase in their online presence after consecutive successful SEO campaigns across the year.


Edufront has been one of our most valued and successful clients ever since they have approached us in August 2018. In our pursuit to make Edufront the leading learning center in Singapore by increasing their online presence we have learnt a lot of new marketing strategies and how to execute them effectively for the best results. It is in our motives to learn and improve and Edufront is the prime example of our success. Currently, they are fully satisfied with our service and have also decided to continue the SEO contract with us. We are very glad to have a client who is very inquisitive towards digital marketing and it also helped us learn better ways to tackle problems companies face in increasing online presence.

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