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DreamWedding – 6 Digits Of Web Visitors Yearly

How a traditional brand, redefined itself in the digital era, to create tons of leads through SEO.

DreamWedding, A Leading Bridal & Wedding Company In Singapore
DreamWedding is a bridal and wedding company, that relied heavily on business networking, referrals, and trade shows to bring in a steady stream of clients when they first started out. From beautiful wedding night gowns to exquisite bridal packages, DreamWedding today provides one of the most elaborate wedding planning services in Singapore.

The Challenges Faced In 2015 When We Were Introduced To Them
When we first met them in 2015, DreamWedding's clients came from offline marketing through events, roadshows and radio. However, these events have always been a very tiring source of referrals due to the amount of work involved.

Next, DreamWedding wanted to create a totally new channel online that can replace the existing traditional way of marketing. They wanted one that can drive them greater business opportunities, so the team do not need to run tiring roadshows and events anymore.

Third, they sought to widen their marketing efforts beyond offline activities, automate lead generation via search channel, and serve a larger audience while ultimately increasing business revenue. They had the ability to influence couples’ decision-making, allowing them to make the right choice for wedding needs. However, they needed help with their digital marketing efforts.

SEO Effects When Our Jedis Enter The Battlefield

We Were Up Against Very Strong Competition In The Wedding Niche
From our initial diagnosis, we discovered that the wedding industry faces huge SEO competition, with many companies vying for the top 3 spots. This was due to many users going to Google to search for wedding planning services.

This industry gets over 10,000 active searches monthly, for wedding related services! It is no surprise everyone wants to conquer the top 3 positions and are willing to fork out a lot of money to do so. This can be attributed to the fact that the top 3 positions will generate a hefty number of visitors into your website, translating in numerous enquiries per month. With basic arithmetic, you can roughly guess how lucrative the business returns are, by conquering the top 3 of Google.

We Conquered The Top 3 Spots Within 6 Months And Website Conversion Of 5 To 6%
Realising the benefits of a top 3 ranking on search, we worked hand in hand with DreamWedding on a year-by-year digital roadmap with SEO to sustain organic lead generation.

Within 6 months, we hit the top 3 ranking for Wedding & Bridal Gown Rental. However, we found that their existing website was converting on average 3% to 4% of visitors to enquiries, excluding phone calls. We then planned a website revamp and conversion enhancement strategy with the aim of increasing the conversion rate to 5% - 6%.

With the help of our sister company, Ambient, we built a new customised website that is both conversion optimised and design aligned with their brand story. After resuming SEO on the revamped site, we found that we hit our goal of an average 5% to 6% web conversions, effectively more than doubling their previous lead generation numbers.

DreamWedding Ultimately Emerge As The Top Player In The Wedding Space
Conquering the top 10 rankings for 13 keywords that generates more than 10,000 search visitors a month, DreamWedding's digital roadmap rolled out successfully. In a span of 3 years, we conquered other sub-niches of Wedding such as Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Wedding Planner and Wedding Photography, where we have in total 150 over keywords in the top 3.

DreamWedding successfully drove 6 digits of online visitors annually to their site with more than 600% increase in online traffic, helping the business breakthrough in their annual revenue. They even physically relocated to properly host their expanded boutique of bridal gowns. Now, they rely very little on business networking, referrals, and trade shows to bring in a steady stream of clients.

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