Why Your Mobile App Needs SEO Services


Mobile search engines are integral to smartphone users. A study by WeAreSocial and Hootsuite shows that 64% of Singaporeans conduct online searches on their smartphones, while only 53% perform the same task using their computers. The trend is less prevalent in Malaysia, where social networking and watching videos are the top online pastimes of locals. Even if this was the case, the number of Malaysians using smartphones to do online searches is greater at 37% compared to the 16% of the population who conduct searches primarily using their computer. The ubiquity of using mobile search engines makes mobile SEO services imperative.

All brands in all industries need to implement an SEO strategy for their website if they want to achieve commercial success. The same rings true for mobile apps. Here are a few reasons why we think your mobile app needs SEO services.

Three Reasons Why your Mobile App Needs SEO Services


A large fraction of the searches are for mobile apps. A recent study by Google shows that 27% of users discover mobile apps using search engines. That is why you need to capitalize on SEO to widen your mobile app’s market. If you’re not there, chances are, they won’t find you and your mobile apps won’t get as much downloads.

Another study found that SEO and search engine marketing influenced around 50% of mobile downloads.

Mobile Search Page Innovations for Mobile Apps

Over the years, Google has improved the quality of its search results pages. For locations, they’ve included the address, contact details, website and a link to its Google Map. For mobile apps, they’ve added features such as the App Preview and the App Pack. The App Preview contains the app’s name, a short description, the number of downloads and user ratings. The App Pack shows your mobile app alongside other similar mobile apps. Each result includes the name and logo of the app, number of downloads, and user ratings. It may seem less powerful than the App Preview, but is actually beneficial for smaller companies as it will heighten awareness about their app. Hiring an agency that provides SEO services for your mobile app allows you to take advantage of Google’s innovative features.

Trusted Reviews

A majority of today’s consumers rely on user ratings and reviews. While these features are present in the app store, they’re not in-depth. Using mobile SEO allows your mobile app to appear with trusted reviews from tech bloggers, vloggers, and influencers in general. Reading positive reviews will most likely influence other users to download your app.

There are two types of online reviews available. The first one comes from ordinary consumers, which you can find on the app itself. You can also find them in search engines if your mobile app is immensely popular. The other one involves working with online influencers to review your product.

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