Why You Need to Hire an SEO Agency for Your E-Commerce Business


Content marketing is at an all-time high. It is commonplace to see businesses in the e-commerce and online marketplace industries harnessing the power of SEO and search marketing. A few major brands have taken the risk of building their own content development studios.

If you’re a relatively small e-commerce brand, then it’s likely that you won’t go as far as building your own in-house content development agency. It’s more likely that you’ll try to learn SEO by yourself. However, while this is doable, we think that hiring a Singapore SEO company is better for these reasons.

Why You Need to Hire an SEO Agency for Your E-Commerce Business


Rather than spending hours of researching on SEO or teaching it to your team, it’s better for you to hire people who have expertise in it. An SEO agency offers expertise built on years of education and experience. They can also offer you advanced and updated solutions which you cannot just find in any e-book or online video tutorial. Agencies know how to create empowering solutions that are worth your time and money.

SEO is also more than just content writing and requires a lot of technical background on how search engines work, website design and website architecture. You would need experts to handle that.


Long-running SEO agencies have seen it all. They’ve encountered clients who do e-commerce, have similar business objectives, as well as similar online marketing problems as yours. For this, they can give you tried-and-tested solutions.


SEO agencies provide manpower who can take care of all your search marketing needs as you continue your normal business operations. You can manage your business without having to allot time on training yourself or staff on something new. Hiring an SEO agency is indeed more efficient than learning SEO independently.

Customer Service

Since SEO agencies are client-oriented, they will do everything they can in the least possible time to address your needs. Top customer service is their game, so you’ll certainly get that from them. You know that an SEO agency offers excellent customer service if they’ve made the effort to build rapport and understanding even before you hire them.

Cost Efficiency

Hiring an SEO agency is more cost-efficient than conducting additional staff training, or hiring more talent. Training your staff on e-commerce SEO matters will be costly for your time and budget. And even if they have added expertise, there is no guarantee that they will bring about efficient solutions or success. Hiring someone would also affect your budget more than getting a third-party provider.

Collaboration and Assessment

As third-party providers, they are able to provide a technical and objective view apart from yours when it comes to crafting solutions. And just like traditional marketing and advertising agencies, SEO agencies also perform evaluations to gauge if their solutions helped improve your online presence.

Brand Value

Lastly and most importantly, an SEO agency can help you strengthen your brand value to consumers by addressing what they really want and in real-time.

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