Why Investing In SEO Is Key For Your Business


The Digital Age

There are now more than 4 billion internet users, more than 3 billion social media users, and more than 5 billion mobile phone users, all across the globe. Essentially half of humanity’s population has gone digital. As time goes on, these numbers will continue to rise.

You might be wondering why we’re disclosing these statistics. It’s simple, really. In our digital age, businesses aren’t limited to the store right around your block, or the coffee shop near your workplace, or the mall, an hour away. Businesses are forever expanding. Not just physically, but digitally. We, Nightowl SEO, can make that happen for you.

Utilizing SEO to Stand Out

There are tens of millions of online businesses. However, many of these online businesses are similar to other businesses. Businesses in the same category are competing with others to gain visibility and stand out. Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a prime factor in making that happen. Many renowned businesses invested large sums of money in traditional marketing to get where they are today. Although, in our ever-changing world, traditional marketing won’t have much of an effect as time goes on.

Therefore, SEO, as said, is a prime factor in generating you business in today’s world. SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. A web search engine’s unpaid results are called “Organic” searches. But, is investing in a web search engine’s unpaid results, logical? It’s very logical, in fact.

The Basics of Paid Ads Vs. Organic Searches

Let’s take Google, as an example search engine. Have you ever noticed, that depending on what you search, there will be a few links at the top of the results page with the word “Ad” right before them?  These links are not categorically similar to those without the word “Ad” before them. Essentially, these businesses are paying for their advertisements, utilizing a few keywords.

Organic searches, on the other hand, are results that have made it to the top of the results page through Search Engine Optimization. Utilizing relevant keywords, a website’s visibility can increase, from the last page of Google’s results, to potentially, the first. If it is in fact, relevant to what internet users are searching for.

When you’re investing in SEO, you’re essentially in it for the long term. However, if your business contains products or services that people truly desire, and are constantly searching for, your website will be extremely trusted. It will gain brand loyalty. It will be the go-to business, as long as there’s a market for it.

Take a Step Into The New Age

We’re not telling you to throw away marketing’s traditional methods. As stated, the world is forever changing.  Marketing execution is no different. Digital marketing offers unique and beneficial features;

Advanced target options – target your advertisements to specific people, who find your ad relevant to them, instead of using money hoping that the advertisements you paid for are targeted to the right people.

Cost-effective – Many businesses, big and small, have spent tons of money on traditional marketing. However, it’s extremely difficult for the latter, to compete with the former, for ad space.

Measurability – How do you know if what you paid for was worth it? How do you know if what you paid for was even seen? Digital marketing analytics provides information on every campaign you decide to run. You can see what type of marketing works, and what type doesn’t.  Then, you can strategically plan your marketing tactics for even greater achievements.

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