Tuition SEO

In this SEO case study, learn how this tuition centre expanded its business with a breakthrough in its online visibility and enquiries for registration, growing from 3 to 5 tuition centres.


Campaign Objective

This educational website specialises in providing English, Math, Science and Malay tuition classes across different areas in Singapore. They have a proven track record at improving students’ grades for Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE). The objective of the campaign is to rank the site on the 1st page for subject keywords, to gain more enquiries and registrations for their tuition centre.

Issues Holding The Website Back

  • Weak technical SEO fundamentals (hosted on Wix)
  • Lack of proper content structure
  • Low domain authority due to lack of backlinks

Course of Action

We upgraded their website to the more superior WordPress content management system that has what’s needed to establish strong technical and on-site SEO fundamentals.

We worked with the client in balancing the needs of brand messaging as well as SEO, by constructing a content structure for the website that makes sense for both their target customers as well as for the purpose of Google crawling.

We crafted and executed a targeted and organic link building strategy from relevant websites with relevant and natural anchor text distribution profiles. Due to the nature of the high competition in their industry, where competitors have a huge diversity of links, we went for both quality and quantity – by getting about 20% of the links being high domain authority guest posts and link insertions from our outreach campaigns, and 80% mass outreach links of lower domain authority while still maintaining a level of relevance.

We also audited their local SEO profiles and suggested improvements and increased citations to their respective tuition centre locations in Singapore. Within the first few months into the campaign, we can see a significant increase in the referring domains.

Breakthroughs Achieved

Within the first 10 months, the few tuition center keywords that worked on managed to climb up into the top 3 rankings. This was just the beginning, as we subsequently ranked up for their subject keywords (Science, Malay, English and Math) in the following couple of months.

As a result, the business grew in enrolment numbers of students and subsequently hired more teachers. Till date, they expanded from having 3 tuition centres to 5 across more areas in Singapore.

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