How We Typically do eCommerce SEO


In 2017, around 1.66 billion people bought something online. Statista predicts that eCommerce sales will hit $653 billion last year. Online sales are also beginning to pick up in Southeast Asia. In Singapore and Malaysia, Asian eCommerce giants like Lazada, Taobao, Lowyat, and Shopee were among users’ top 20 websites in 2017. To say that the online marketplace is a great place to do business is an understatement.

But eCommerce isn’t constrained to a few players. In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of eCommerce websites online. The key to making it in the industry is by working on your eCommerce SEO. If regional eCommerce websites were able to inch their way past Amazon and eBay, so could you.

To make your eCommerce SEO work, you need to work with a Singapore SEO agency like Nightowl SEO. A Singapore SEO company like us typically does the following to put you in the eCommerce map.

First, we understand the business’ unique selling proposition (USP).

Though eCommerce websites tend to look the same, they may differ in the products they offer. So tell us, what makes you different? Is your website an online halal marketplace? Or does it mainly feature cosmetic items from Japan and South Korea?

Then we look at the products you’re offering.

We look at your products, specifically the ones that are racking up sales daily. By looking at your USP and your products, we are able to determine which online markets we should target with SEO.

After that, we do keyword demand research.

Using special tools, we conduct a research to determine which of your products have high search demand and are easier to rank for. We take into consideration your target market when we perform this research. So basically, we look at which products rank high and are most in-demand among your target market. We call these products your “low-hanging fruits”.

The next thing we do is look at your keyword competitors.

Surveying the eCommerce SEO field for top rankers is very important because of the size of the market you’re dealing with. This is especially true for niche eCommerce websites, who compete with major brands for attention and sales conversions. Knowing the competition helps us develop a winning strategy for you.

At this point, we assess.

After laying out all the details, we assess the current state of your eCommerce website and determine how much further you need to go to rank on top.

Then, we plan our eCommerce SEO strategy.

We create an eCommerce SEO strategy based on how much work it will take to bring you to the top of the search results and consumers’ minds. We also take your budget into consideration when developing a strategy.

Lastly, we execute.

We execute your eCommerce SEO strategy, which usually takes six to twelve months to take effect. During this time, we would regularly track your progress and adjust according to results.

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