How to Guest Post on Popular Blogs


One of the many aspects of search engine optimization (SEO)  is building backlinks to your site. And one of the most effective way to build backlinks is through guest posts.

What is Guest Post Blog?

A guest post involves publishing an article on a blog related to your website’s niche with backlinks to your site. But the blog should not be just any kind of blog. It should be popular and preferably, belong to an influencer in your niche market. In addition, it should have a high domain authority (DA) and consistent flow of monthly organic traffic.

Why do Guest Posts?

The first logical reason to do guest posts is to build backlinks to your site. This will in turn, improve your website’s SEO and page rankings on search engine ranking pages (SERPs). Once your site rankings are on the first page of search engines, you will ultimately see high volumes of traffic to your site.

Since the guest post articles are posted on popular blogs with massive organic traffic, you will also see increased readership. Consequently, this will increase your site’s exposure and improve your overall brand name.

How to Guest Post on Popular Blog

Now that you know about guest posts and their significance to your site’s SEO, how then do you do guest posts on popular blogs? The first step is to do a search on search engines for blogs related to your niche. For example, if your website is about grooming for men, then you should search for blogs related to men’s grooming, shaving and haircuts. If you are unable to find blogs that are related to your site’s niche, then look for those that are as closely related to it as possible.

Once you have identified popular blogs that belong to influencers in your niche, approach them by sending them an email. Ask if you can have your article posted on their site with backlinks to your website. You should provide articles of ideally 500 words and above, depending on the owner’s preference. Backlinks usually can be placed on certain keywords you want your website to rank for. In addition, make an offer to also place one of their articles on your own blog as a gesture of good faith.

Get an SEO Company to do Guest Posts for you

Alternatively, you can engage an SEO company to write the articles and do guest posts for you. Most reputable SEO companies usually have contacts with numerous influential blog owners. They can easily find popular blogs that are related to your website’s niche and get them to do guest posts with backlinks to your site. This will save you the time and brunt work of having to search and engage blog owners yourself.

Another advantage of engaging a reputable SEO company is that they will be more experienced in selecting suitable blogs to do guest posts. You will reduce the risk of guest posting on dubious websites that masquerade as popular blogs with high traffic. This will also prevent your website from getting banned by search engines.

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