Foldable Bicycles SEO Case Study (Ranking #1 In The Industry)

Learn how this foldable bicycle retailer increased their organic traffic by 300% and grew sales revenue by 150%, after six months of Nightowl's Fully Managed SEO.


Campaign Objective

As Singapore’s largest retailer and distributor of folding bikes and bicycles, its eCommerce website retails premium foldable performance bikes.

The client first reached out us initially to study the feasibility of ranking for some of the competitive keywords in Google Search for Singapore. The focus of the consult was on the site’s inability to rank in page 1 for most of the keywords despite consistent efforts by their internal SEO team.
The objective of the campaign is to increase organic traffic and conversions to the website, and be ranked on top 3 searches of Google Search results.

Issues Holding The Website Back

  • Weak technical SEO fundamentals
  • Lack of proper content structure
  • Low domain authority due to lack of backlinks

Course of Action

We performed a thorough onsite analysis on the website and identified several key issues that are common and atypical of eCommerce websites. We also looked into the website’s Google Search Console and Google Analytics to study the conversion and customer journey on the website.

From there, we came up with a list of recommendations and fixed them. This includes crawling errors, broken links, slow website loading speed and the occasional server error. One key factor to achieve a favourable result with Google search was to migrate the old and aging e-commerce website to Shopify, which automatically comes with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This allows for quicker connection time for users located further away. We also took advantage of some optimisation tools (such as image size optimisation and .WebP format conversion) to reduce the site loading speed further.

To improve the brand’s authority to Google, we established a brand identity via Google My Business Account and sourced for reviews from past customers of the clients. We also utilise high-quality authentic referring domains. This led to a significant rise in their referring domains and increase online traffic.

Last but not least, we looked into the client’s content strategy and made some fine adjustments on how to write and what topics to focus on. We helped the client’s marketing team to come up with articles on a daily basis that are informational, shareable, and targeted towards some of the niche keywords that the client has been trying to rank for.

Breakthroughs Achieved

Over the span of six months, their organic traffic increased by 300% which ultimately helps in sales growth of foldable bikes by 150%. We continue to work on the campaign and eventually ranked in the top 10 results on Google Singapore for most of the highly competitive keywords.

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