Five reasons your business need SEO


Let’s face it, the growth of E-commerce and adoption of online shopping by most people today, be it young or old is phenomenal. The business landscape today is entirely different from what was 20 years ago. Businesses have evolved due to digital savviness of customers today. It’s tough luck if your business doesn’t have a website or digital presence in the internet. Many brands and businesses now know the power of SEO in digital medium as the catalyst for next level business growth, specially in Singapore.

Aside from the common knowledge that SEO services in Singapore can improve website’s visibility and ranking in search engine, we have compiled a list of five (5) other reasons why SEO is a mandatory arsenal to compete in the digital world today.

1. Primary Source of Web Traffic is still coming from Organic Search

Many has disputed this by saying Facebook marketing is becoming the next primary source of website traffic. Let’s face it, organic search is still, and probably will for a foreseeable future, a huge part of most business’s web traffic and forms one of the most profitable channel for conversion or engagement (depending on objective of website).

This is hard to dispute against Facebook. As part of SEO consultant in Singapore, both medium serve different types of audience. Search engine is for people who have genuine need for particular information – so they search for it, just like how end up on this page because you’re searching for SEO related services. Facebook on the other hand serves content to you, whether you need it or not. Picture the multiple hotel ads that are flooding your Facebook wall when you search for hotels recently at one of the major travel sites.

With Google owning about 70-80% of the search engine market share, we know that, as a Singapore SEO company, being highly regarded as a reliable source and visible in Google is always in favour of the website.

2. Credibility & Trust

As a Singapore SEO company providing SEO services in Singapore, we know for a fact that SEO builds trust and credibility for your site. SEO today has evolved at a faster pace than most businesses. Comparing how search engine rank website today and 2 years ago, search engine today gives you more leverage if your site is clean, beautifully designed with effective and interactive user experience. As competent SEO consultant in Singapore, we call this authority. The higher your site’s authority, the better it ranks. The search algorithm is collected over time as a result of several factors such as:

  • Number of backlinks and backlinks profiles.
  • User behaviour
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that self adjust based on variables not disclosed
  • Optimised and clean code

Think of authority as a brand for your website. Authority is not build in one day. It requires investment over a period of time, takes a lot of patience, effort and commitment to build.

3. Local Optimisation

Compared to large businesses that have presence in almost every country in the world, small and medium businesses rely on domestic consumption of products and services in order to thrive. The domestic market is an important segment and fundamental to the success of SMEs in Singapore.

As a Singapore SEO Company, we know having a presence in the local market helps the local SMEs in gaining traction and growth in their business. Local optimisation refers to establishing brand presence in specific towns, district or states. This is done through SEO services in Singapore, where agencies will utilise local contents and citations, backlinks as well as localised listings to promote the website’s presence. They may also focus on local google reviews because it has been proven to helps as people searching online pay more attention to reviews that other things.

4. Cost

SEO is beneficial to every businesses but it doesn’t come free. Good thing doesn’t come free. It costs money to build backlinks, pay content creators and SEO consultant in Singapore to come up with an SEO plan blueprint on the macro-scale.

But if you look into SEO among other digital marketing avenues, you will realise its cost is insignificant compared to the benefits your business will reap. The reward of investing in SEO is considerable in terms of not just traffic but also branding.

So if you look into the pricing for SEO services in Singapore, it may sound like a marketing expense at first but as soon as you see the result you will change your perception and consider it as a business branding investment. Like most things in life, things get better with more attention and investment.

5. You’re not winning the digital war if you’re not in Page 1 on Google Search 

SEO is not just about asking an agency to do for you and be done with it. You need to constantly check the result. If you’re not on page 1, you’re not winning any of the organic traffic at all. As Singapore SEO Company, we know the first three ranking yields nearly 50% of the organic traffic. What does this mean to businesses if you’re listed in page 2 and 3? You need to be on page 1 no matter the cost.

In conclusion, SEO is a long term strategy. Part of the journey is to get through competition and be ranked on first page. Most people will stop their investment here but it actually takes more effort and money to maintain your ranking for being in the first page. Competitors will spend more to squash you off the rank, so must you spend and optimise your website constantly to defend your throne.

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