Five Quick Hacks to Improve Your SEO Ranking


SEO optimization techniques are constantly changing to keep up with the various modifications made to search engine algorithms. As a result, it can be difficult to understand how a website should be modified in order to increase its visibility.

While there are several SEO services in Singapore that offer professional help and can improve the ranking of a website by a large degree, there are also a few methods that anyone can use at home. These are easy to implement and require very little technical skill.

However, please keep in mind that they are only effective if they are constantly applied. In other words, you will have to abide by these rules every time you create new content for a website or add a new webpage.

The quick hacks that are presented below will increase the SEO ranking of any website, in an organic manner. This means that they will always have a positive impact, regardless of how many changes are made to the search engine algorithm.

Use outbound links throughout the content.

Search engines constantly assess the credibility of the content hosted on websites. This means that everything that you post will be verified, to some degree, by the algorithm.

When you use outbound links that are tied to reputable websites, you link your content to sources that prove your claims. This will directly increase your SEO ranking, especially if you have a blog section or an FAQ page.

This also includes internal links to connect different sections of your website. Generally speaking, all the content on a website should be both interconnected, as well as connected to other trusted publications. If these outbound links lead to websites with a good reputation, then your SEO ranking will increase.

As a rule of thumb, always link to websites that are actively being updated. For example, if you post content related to a present situation, avoid linking to content that is obsolete.

Always fix broken links.

One of the main priorities of companies that offer SEO services in Singapore is to find broken links and to repair them. This task should be included in the maintenance process of any website and will have a big impact on improving its SEO ranking.

Simply look through the content posted in the past, and identify the links that lead to pages or websites that no longer exist. Once you’ve found them, either delete them or create new links to functional websites.

Tools such as “Dead Link Checker” can be used to automatically detect all the broken links on a website and allow you to quickly fix them.

Post high-quality content.

Focus on creating quality content. This will not only ensure that your audience will be happy but also help the website gain trust. A trusted website will always have a better SEO ranking than one that posts vague, incorrect, or poorly optimized content.

The quality of your content directly impacts the “dwell time” of the visitors. Search engine algorithms measure how much individuals spend on a webpage or website. The more time that they spend looking at your content, the better your ranking will be.

Optimize the images on your website.

Another common task of SEO services in Singapore is to optimize the images on websites. Most website owners tend to upload images with little regard to how they are named, their size, and the rights for using them.

When it comes to improving the SEO ranking of your website, it is important to make sure that the images are named properly. For example, it is possible to use keywords when naming them. This will notify the search engine algorithm that the image may offer important information regarding a particular search.

Furthermore, keep the sizes of the images large enough so that they look good, but small enough that they don’t decrease the loading time of a website.

Separate your written content using headers.

The use of headers is extremely important when it comes to user experience. These not only help you better organize the information but also help visitors quickly find whatever they are looking for.

Using header tags throughout your content will make the text that you post easier to read, and encourage people to spend more time on your website. This will, in turn, increase your SEO rating as a result of a longer dwell time.

As an additional tip, make sure that your content is properly formatted for both laptops and PCs, as well as mobile devices. This includes everything from text and how it is separated by headers, to how clearly the images are displayed.

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